Cheetah Experiences is now Marigold Grow.

You can expect to see name changes transition over the coming months.

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  • Rewards

    This section contains useful information about setting up and using various types of rewards in your experiences

  • Giveaways

    Guides relating to creating and managing giveaway experiences.

  • Contests

    Guides relating to building, managing contests.

  • Quizzes

    Guides relating to building, managing quizzes.

  • Social Displays

    Guides centered around building social displays.

  • Polls & Surveys

    Guides on poll and survey driven experiences.

  • Content & Promotions

    Guides that handle building and managing brand or promotional experiences, also including reward or instant win.

  • Forms

    Guides on experiences that orientate around sign-up style experiences.

  • NextGen (Micro) Experiences

    Guides based around NextGen (micro) experiences.