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How to: Setup a Pinned tab / Container

This article will explain how to setup a persistent publishing location, with a consistent URL, which you can publish and unpublish different campaigns to. This can be a Facebook tab, Embed or Microsite based container.

  • Setting up a 'pinned' tab / iFrame container allows the URL to remain constant.
  • You can only have one campaign published to the tab / container.
  • You can schedule campaigns to publish and expire to a single pinned tab / container.

What to do

Adding a pinned Embed/ Microsite container:

  1. Hover over to the cog icon and click Manage Channels
  2. Select the W web channel you wish to add a pinned container to from the list on the left, then click the + symbol for Add pinned tab/container.
  3. Choose whether you need an Embed or Microsite
    In most cases this will be an Embed.
  4. Choose what type of Pinned Embed you need to use: Fixed or Responsive.
    We recommend using Responsive, unless there is a specific need to constrain the dimensions of the campaign.
  5. Define your settings and save.
  6. Once created, you should see the new container listed as Ready, with the default name Live Website. (It will have a yellow pin icon next to it).
  7. To make it easier to identify, you should rename the container. Click the settings 'cog' icon to rename it. The embed code for the pinned container is also found here in Settings.
  8. You will need to publish the container itself, moving it from Ready to a Live state, to do this you will simply need to click the downward arrow next to the NGX link and click Publish.
  9. You can now proceed to publish / schedule campaigns to publish to this container. After selecting iFrame / Microsite and the web destination in the Publishing process of the campaign, you will see the Pinned container you created as an available publishing location.
  10. Select the container and launch the campaign.

The responsive NGX link of the campaign within the Publishing area will be the same as the consistent URL of the container within the web destination.

Adding a pinned Facebook tab

For Facebook, on point 2, be sure to select a Facebook channel first, the first screen you will see will prompt you to select an application. You can select either a system or whitelabel application.

Notes on publishing to a pinned tab / container

  • You need to be careful not to publish more than one campaign at a time to a Pinned tab / container.
  • It's important that there is no overlap between expiring one campaign and publishing a new one to the same pinned container. An example of the timing set up required is below:




Campaign #1

Jan 1st 09:00

Jan 8th 12:00

Campaign #2

Jan 8th 12:00

Jan 15th 12:00

Campaign #3

Jan 15th 12:00

Jan 22th 12:00