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Understanding: The Wayin App Store

The Wayin App Store is an ever-growing library of innovative Experience Apps and Custom Apps. It sees us continuing our quest to help marketing teams move faster and deliver more value, whilst saving time and precious resources.

Let's take a closer look...

To get to the Wayin App Store, click on the link in the main navigation. Here, on our App Store homepage, you can browse by category, see popular apps and newest additions.


Find Apps for every season
On the homepage, you will see a carousel which features groups of apps that are ideal for specific seasonal events or objectives. These will be updated regularly by our experienced Customer Success Team and cover topics like Holidays, Summer Festivals or Email Capture. 


Get all the details you need
Click on any app to learn more or to add it to your account. On the app details page you can read specifics about the app’s features, key objectives it can help your team meet, as well as what you’ll need to launch an experience. Get inspired by seeing great examples of how other Marketers have used the app and read up on suggestions on how to use the app across different verticals.

To add an app to your account, simply click on the “Add to Account” button in the header. If the button says “Create”, the app has already been added to your account and you are ready to start using that app to create new experiences.


Quickly create your favorite apps
Once an app has been installed in your account, you can quickly create a new experience by going to the 'Experiences' tab and clicking on 'Create Experience'. Alternatively you can click on the '+' icon towards the right hand side of the top menu. Here you will be presented with a list of all the apps that have been added to your account. Remember, at any point, you can go back to the app store to find a new app. For Apps already in your account you’ll also be able to start the process from the App Store details page simply by clicking 'Create'.


Wayin Custom Apps

The Wayin Custom Apps are the latest and greatest customized experiences built out by our Studio team, now offered up to you. These apps typically have more bespoke elements that will require some additional work. You can find all of these apps under the Custom Apps section category. Here is a quick rundown of some of the Expansion apps that will be available at launch.