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Sending emails: fair usage & add-ons

With the release of Email Notifications, we have included the ability to send transactional (event-based) emails as part of your existing subscription.

Common use-cases for email notifications include:

  • Sending an email to thank users for entering, to confirm their coupon code or provide them with more details.
  • Sending an internal email when someone completes your feedback form, support form or lost luggage form.
  • Sending an email to contest entrants when their entry has been moderated and published.

The fair usage limit

To ensure that the service can be provided as part of existing subscriptions, we've introduced a fair-usage limit that allows a generous amount of emails to be sent, sufficient for the majority of customers and their use-cases, but introduces controls to avoid abuse.

The fair usage limit, as of 21st June 2017, is: 100,000 emails sent per calendar month, per customer.

If a customer exceeds the fair usage limit within a calendar month, we may stop sending further emails and/or ask you to purchase a subscription add-on to increase the number of emails you can send (see below).

Note that a customer may have multiple accounts with Cheetah Experiences as part of a subscription and the limit applies to the sum total of all emails sent across all accounts. Note also that an individual experience may send more than one email per entry (for example, in a contest you might want to send a thanks email to users and also inform them when their contest entry has been moderated and published). You should bear this in mind when considering whether your planned, email-enabled, experiences might exceed the monthly limit.

Subscription and one-off add-ons

If you would like to take advantage of the email notification feature but expect your usage may reach or exceed the fair usage limit, you should contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to discuss options. We offer cost-effective options whether you need an increased limit for one campaign or ongoing as part of your subscription.