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How to: Set up a Milestone Goal Experience

Motivate fans to work together to unlock an exclusive piece of content or announcement. Your audience will be able to click a vote or action button to support achieving a collective goal.

Tease out the release of a blockbuster trailer or hit song, generating hype and anticipation at the same time. The Milestone Goal experience presents users with a progress bar where they can vote, pledge, or take part otherwise, to help meet a set target and unlock exclusive content. This activation enables you to choose different goal types, including a single target or several daily milestones. Shepherd your flock to unlock.


A quick walk-through

Let's take a closer look at the key steps in creating and managing a Milestone Goal experience:

1. Adding to your account: Go to the Experience Library and click on the Challenges Category. Click on Milestone Goal and read details, see screenshots and see other customer examples. Click on the Add to Account button, and then you can create.

2. Viewing your goal: Once you've completed the wizard, your campaign will be created with an example goal so you can see how it’s done. You can preview the experience at this point to familiarise yourself with the mechanic.

3. Setting up your goal: Back in the Experience Workspace, you will see a menu item on the left-hand navigation called Goals. Click on this and you will see a summary of the example goal’s settings. On the right of the summary you can click on the Edit button to configure your goal:

In the 'Settings' tab, you can set the goal's name, choose which type of goal you want to set up, how you want to track progress and set the name and dates for each of your milestones. These settings will change based on the type of Goal you have selected.


In the ‘Copy' tab, you can write all of the messages that will appear to users throughout your Goal experience’s lifecycle. You can also set the Action Messages which will appear in the button below your Goal’s progress bar.

We support three types of goal currently: 

  • Date goal: This is a simple goal where the progress bar represents the time between the opening and closing dates for participation and shows how much time has passed so far. Users can be encouraged to add their support within that timeframe but there is no overall target number to aim for (just as many actions / votes as possible). When the time window closes, the 'goal reached' content will be displayed regardless of the number of votes / actions collected.
  • Number goal: This goal sets an overall target number to aim for. The progress bar represents current progress towards the overall target number. Simple milestones can be added to break the progress bar into sections (for an example, please see the Starship Blue Ops screenshot above). When the time window closes, the 'goal reached' content will only be displayed of the overall target number was reached. If not, the 'goal not reached' content will be displayed instead.
  • Date & number goal: This is an advanced type of goal that requires users to reach an overall target number within a specific timeframe. Like a Number goal, the progress bar represents current progress towards the overall target number. It is recommended that you clearly indicate the closing date / deadline within the marketing surrounding copy. When the time window closes, the 'goal reached' content will only be displayed of the overall target number was reached within the participation window. If not, the 'goal not reached' content will be displayed instead.
  • Date & number goal, with timed milestones: Like a number goal, you can add simple milestones to break up the progress bar into sections. However, you can also use timed milestones that allow progress up to an intermediate target number until a specific date and time is reached. This way, you can throttle progress. An example might be an 10 day participation window with an overall goal of 1,000,000 votes but no more than 100,000 votes per day. This encourages people to work together but to do so each and every day... users can vote once within each timed milestone and must return to the experience for each time to contribute.

4. Adding a Goal to your page: Once your goal is all set up, you are ready to add it onto a page in your experience by going to the Pages section of the Experience Workspace.

In the list of pages, find the 'Goal' page and hit the edit icon. This will bring up the Page Designer for the 'Goal' page which has a Callout and a Goal module by default, but this is your chance to make it your own! Add an image gallery or a social gallery with posts of people talking about your campaign to drum up excitement and get other people to share your goal.

5. Configuring your Goal module: Once you have your page setup the way you want, click on the cog o the Goal module to further customize.

In the 'Settings' tab, you can select the goal that you want to use and see a summary of the Goal’s settings.

In the ‘Copy' tab, you can give context to your Goal by adding a heading, byline, description and an image.

In the ‘Design' tab, you can choose to have your progress bar shown horizontally or vertically and how you want the voting statistics to be displayed.

You can also go to the ‘Help’ tab to get a quick rundown of how the Goal module works and get a few helpful tips.

6. Testing and launching your Goal experience: Once you've defined your goal and decided how it will be presented, you're ready for testing. To see the various stages of the experience (for example, before participation opens, during participation, goal not reached and goal reached) you will need to adjust the participation open and closing dates and/or the overall target. If all is looking good, adjust the goal settings to the intended final values and use the 'reset' option in the Advanced Settings area to clear out test votes. Schedule it to go live either before or at the same time as the 'participation opens' time.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will be more than happy to advise you on your first Milestone Goal experience.