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How to: Set up an Instant Win Experience

Instant Win

You don't have to head to Las Vegas to try your luck. In this version of Instant Win, you control the odds of winning such that some entrants will win one of the available prizes, while others won't be so lucky. Set up different rewards, the odds of winning each reward and the number available. We'll then take care of the rest... selecting entrants at random, according to the odds and prize controls you have defined. You can also increase engagement by running a prize draw across all entrants... giving away daily or weekly prizes or a grand prize at the end of the campaign.


Everyone Wins

Sometimes, you want to instantly reward all entrants, both to encourage participation and boost uptake of particular offers. It makes everyone happy.

You control the mix of prizes available: from a single prize that all users receive, to a set of higher-value prizes that are odds-based and a number of fallback prizes for those less fortunate. Just like the experience above, you can also increase engagement by running a prize draw across all entrants... giving away daily or weekly prizes or a grand prize at the end of the campaign.


A quick walk-through

Let's take a closer look at the key steps in creating and managing either Instant Win experience:

1. Adding to your account: Go to the Experience Library and click on the Giveaways category. Click on Instant Win or Everyone Wins, read details, and see screenshots of the user journey. Click on the Add to Account button. Once the experience has been added to your account, click on Create and follow the wizard to set up your experience. 

2. Viewing your Instant Win experience: Once you've completed the wizard, your experience will be created with some example rewards for you to play with. You can preview the experience at this point to familiarize yourself with the user flow. 

3. Setting up your Rewards: Back in the Experience Workspace, you will see a menu item on the left-hand navigation called Rewards. Click on this and you will see a summary of the example rewards. On the right of each reward, you can click on the Edit button to configure your reward. 

In the Settings tab, you can set the reward's name and set the maximum number you have to give away. For longer campaigns, you may choose to control the maximum number of rewards that can be given away per day or week. To set this, enable the Meter this reward option. You can add one or more prizes to the same experience.

In the Content tab, you can provide the details for your reward that will be shown to the lucky winner on the Confirmation page. The content of this tab will vary based on the type of Reward you have decided to use.

Let's look at the Settings in detail 


  1. Settings - in this section you can define an internal name and Friendly ID for your reward. Friendly ID is a machine-read identifier that can be used for data integrations, rewards management, loyalty points allocation, and more. 
  2. Reward Type - select a different way to reward your customers
  3. Assigning rewards This is the total number of rewards available to win, leaving this field empty will denote an unlimited supply.
  4. Distribution  - define under which conditions entrants can win the reward. 
  5. Quiz score range -reward only users who completed quiz challenges with a certain score
  6. Metering reward - Set a win rate for Odds & Everyone Wins Distribution, which defines how many of the rewards (From the maximum number of rewards) can be won. If you set a value beyond the maximum, this will simply make it possible to exhaust your reward supply over the period set.

Five different types of rewards are currently supported:

  • Basic Coupon: Upload a coupon image to display your reward to users
  • Coupon Code: Use a static coupon code or generate unique ones
  • Uploaded Codes: Upload a list of unique coupon codes to be distributed to users
  • Link to Coupon: Provide a URL where a user can retrieve the reward or coupon online
  • Prizes: Give an offline prize like t-shirts, trips, or other swag

4. Displaying rewards to entrants: If an entrant is lucky enough to win a prize, it will be presented on the Confirmation Page. To review the display settings for rewards, open the Confirmation Page and find the Rewards module. 

5. Configuring your Rewards module: Click on the cog on the Rewards module to review and customize how rewards will be presented to entrants.

In the Copy tab, you can add a header that will be shown above the list of rewards the user has received:

  • You can choose to enter a copy block that is always shown.
  • You can enter a copy block that is only shown when an entrant receives a rewards (e.g. "Well done!")
  • You can enter a copy block that is only shown when an entrant receives no rewards (e.g. "Sorry!")

Choosing which rewards to display:

If a user enters the experience multiple times (e.g. you allow daily entry) then you can choose between showing only the rewards granted as part of the current entry, or all rewards received to date (from the current entry and any previous entries by the user). In the Rewards module, go to the Settings tab and choose to display the "Current reward" or "All rewards". We recommend using the default option of displaying only the "Current reward" to keep things simple. If you choose to display "All rewards" a user has received from the current experience, then ensure your terms and conditions and marketing copy clearly indicate that the list of rewards is cumulative across all entries... and not perceived as 'winning the same prize again.'

6. Record keeping

We keep a record of who has entered and who won what. If you need to fulfill prizes or further process the data collected, you can download the necessary records from the Export area. Once you have some entries, you'll find two exports available:

  • Entries: This export contains the form data submitted by all entrants (whether they won or not)
  • Granted Rewards: This export contains the rewards that were won by users and indicates by whom.

How are the winners selected?

When a user enters, the system will run through each reward determining whether the user was lucky enough to win it based on the odds and distribution settings. It will start with the hardest to win reward and finish on the easiest to win. If all of your rewards are odds-based, then the user may or may not win a prize upon entry. If you want to ensure everyone wins something, set up at least one reward where the Reward distribution is set to Everyone Wins.

Note: The exports outlined above are in CSV format and may only be available to certain users within your account. If you have a data integration enabled in your account, entry data may already be synchronised with other systems within your organisation. Your Customer Success Manager will be able to advise you further.

We hope you found this guide useful. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will be more than happy to advise you on your first Instant Win experience.

Pro tip: Visit the Instant Win FAQ article for more detailed tips.