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How to: Create a Collection and add a Feed

What is a collection?

A Collection can be thought of as a set of social feeds that pull content from various social network sources, which you can later use as in your experience campaigns under a single collective. Your current inventory of collections can be seen by opening the Content area from the main console display.

This article will walk you through ways to create a collection, and add & edit a feed in the collection.

Video Guide

How to create a collection

  1. From the main Experience platform dashboard, click the header Content.
  2. Click + Create new collection. 
  3. When prompted, type in a title for your new collection, click Create Feeds when you're done.


  1. From the Quick Actions area located at the bottom of the Content area.
  2. Click on + New Collection.
  3. When prompted, type in the title for your new collection, click Create Feeds when you're done.

Adding a feed to your collection

Once your collection has been created, you will be able to add feeds to it.

  1. If your current collection is not already open, click the  icon to the right of your feed in the main Content area.
  2. From the Feeds area, you will be able to add a new feed by clicking + Create Feed.
  3. Chose a content source from the add new feed area
  4. If authentication is required the next screen will ask you to Authenticate Now or Authenticate Later, this is a required step for content to be collected, you can either perform this action now or later after you have added in the content feed settings.
  5. You will now be presented with the filtering options available for the content feed type you specified, the options will vary greatly depending on the feed type.
    If you didn't previously, you may be asked to Authenticate, this action is required to Preview available content and also to collect. 

Advanced options overview

On the Advanced tab you will a range of additional settings:

  • Publishing
    Curate and review or Publish automatically
  • First Time Import
    Specify how many days in the past the feed should initially import content from, if available.
  • Import Volume
    Specify the number of items to import each time the feed runs (default is every 1hr).
  • Feed Limit
    This sets a hard limit on the amount of content you collect in this feed.
  • Profanity
    If enabled, the platform will automatically exclude common English profanity and inappropriate speech.
  • Clearing a Collection
    For repeat use of a collection with new content, simply clear your collection in the collection settings. You can choose to clear social content and published entries but keep your seeded content or remove all content from your collection.

Re-arranging the order of feeds

Once you create feeds within your collection, you can reorder them using the drag & drop tool on the left-hand side. Just hover over the social network icon and drag & drop feed to the relevant position. Reordering feed is useful to determine the priority. To explain this further, please see the scenarios below: 

  • Feed A in position 1 and set up to ingest content and automatically publish it. The content that is returned through this search will be published when ingested. (i.e. Content with Twitter Mention @irishcoffee)
  • Feed B in position 2 and is set up to be manually moderated. If the same piece of content gets ingested through feed B, the content will stay published as feed A already ingested it. (i.e. Content with #irishcoffee AND @irishcoffee)