Marigold Grow Support

Understanding: Twitter Feeds

Due to significant recent changes in Twitter’s partner strategy and API offering, we are removing the Twitter channels and feeds features from Cheetah Experiences. This change will take place in the first week of May, 2023.

1. Twitter Account

Retrieve post from a single account. 

  • Requires twitter username 

2. Twitter Search

Retrieve public tweets that match your keywords.  

  • Add multiple keywords, hashtags, and mentions 
  • Filter by has a photo, video, links or text only 
  • Include / Exclude specific authors
  • Require that users are verified, authors
  • Include / Exclude secondary keywords
  • Filter by country or a radius around a specific point (ex. DIA)
  • Filter by language
  • Exclude retweets

3. Twitter Mentions

Retrieve mentions from a single Twitter account.

  • Requires twitter username