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How to: Add Rules (Terms & Conditions) to an experience

Rules is a page that is part of every experience by default. On the Rules page, you can either paste in a copy from your legal team or add a URL link to an existing Privacy Policy or Terms & Conditions.

Typically, Rules for our experience will be composed of the mechanics involved with how to enter the campaign, any alternative entry methods and the terms and conditions that entrants are subject to. As mentioned, this can be added in two ways as described below:

What to do

  1. Go to Pages and locate the Rules at the bottom of the page of your experience. 
  2. Select edit to open rules page.
  3. Supply the copy and this will show as a Rules page as part of the experience.
  4. OR, use a link to an external website where they can access this information. 

Note: Cheetah Experiences does not provide any guidance on the legal language included in your experiences. Please contact your Legal Team for further guidance.