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Social Sign In: Why is this option not available for my campaign?

When a campaign doesn't collect personal data or doesn't need users to identify themselves, we do not offer the option to enable Social Sign-In

Campaigns that do not offer social sign-in include:

  • Content-based experience campaigns
    • Branded Content
    • Content Gallery
    • Live Event Stream
  • Social hub-based experience campaigns 
    • Event Hashtag
    • Hashtag Wall
    • Social Content Voting
  • Promotion-based experience campaigns
    • Offers
    • Promotions

In addition, it is not available to Reveal campaigns:

  • Reveal-based experience campaigns
    • #Staycay
    • Advent Calendar
    • Countdown Reveal
    • New School Starters
    • Scavenger Hunt

Special Notes

Claim My Content campaigns will only have Social Sign-In available for the social networks you publish to. For example, if you're collecting entries from Instagram, a Claim My Content campaign will only offer the ability to sign-in with an Instagram account so that a user can see their existing entries and claim them.