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Understanding: Content & Data Feeds

What is a content feed?

A content feed will collect social media content based on filter criteria you specify, this occurs on a regular fetch cycle and will add all retrieved content to a collective pool under the collection the feed is located in.

Whilst a feed can be added via Feeds in experience, it will always be globally visible and accessible to all experiences (Featured in the Content area) placed inside a collection of the same name.

Where can I use the content from a collection?

Content stored under a collection will be available to the following Page modules (For those familiar with the previous content moderation system, all modules where a tag was previously used will now require you to choose a collection).

Carousel Module Collage Module Social Module
Screenshot_2019-09-24_03.33.58.png Screenshot_2019-09-24_03.33.30.png Screenshot_2019-09-24_03.33.05.png

What is a data feed?

A data feed will collect a count of posts based on filter criteria you specify, this count value will be updated at regular intervals and can only be created in an experience campaign.

You cannot add a data feed to an existing collection outside an experience campaign.

At present there are three types of data feed:

  • Twitter Search
  • Instagram Hashtag

Where can I use the metrics from a data feed?

On the initial release of the content services feature, the following Page modules will be able to display metric information from data feeds:

  • Tilt 
  • Moments