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How to: Moderate content in a Collection

Content Moderation is the process by which you curate and apply rules in a piece of content and save it within a collection for use in your social display. 

This article explains how to moderate, curate and manage your collected content. There are two ways to moderate content. You can moderate content within a collection or in a social display experience.


How to moderate content in a Collection

  1. From the main Experience platform dashboard, click the header Content.
  2. Select a collection you want to moderate, click the (hammer icon). This will open a list of content ingested from previously set up feeds. You can moderate individual pieces of content or do it in bulk using action icons in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Select single or multiple pieces of social content you wish to curate and take one of the following actions:
    • Approve - You can publish one or multiple pieces of social content. 
    • Reject - This will move content from Needs moderation to Rejected.
    • Add tags O - Set one or multiple tags that align with your social wall(s).
    • Copy to collection 5 - Use the same piece of content in another collection of your choice.
    • Add a CTA l - Apply actionable CTA to your chosen content.
    • Edit Content -  Edit & modify headline, caption, thumbnail & main asset 
    • Flag/Favourite * - Mark content as Favourite or Flagged to easily find content using filters on the left-hand side.
    • Winner category - This is a new feature where you can assign a winner set/view its rating.
  4. Open a detail view of a post by clicking on the selected piece of content, from here you will be able to: 
    • Set prominence -  Apply a design/layout on how the content visually is shown.
    • Make a post sticky - Make item stick to the top of any published list by entering a priority number (1 is top priority, 2 is second priority, etc.)

How to moderate content in a Social display experience 

  1. From main Experience dashboard, click the header Experiences.
  2. Search and select the social display experience. 
  3. Click to open the Curate and Review area to moderate content.

Export content from your Collection

Download all content in your collection or use the filters and search to narrow down the content you want to export. Admins are allowed to export content in a standard account and Super Admins can export content in a secure account. If the export does not appear in moderation, you do not have permission to export content and you will need to contact your CSM.

Due to social network regulations on the amount of data that can be exported, an account can download up to 50,000 records per day, but the filters and search will help you narrow your content to the items that are most relevant for you.

  1. In the left panel in the Moderation workspace, you can view the export capability.
  2. There is a bar graph which shows how much content has been downloaded in the last 24 hours and how much more content you can download.
  3. Use the filters and/or search to narrow your content to what you want to export.
  4. Click on the export button do download your csv file.

Inject single item to your Collection

You can also import a single piece of content via URL for posts from Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube. Follow the steps below to import an item:

  1. Open Content, locate your Collection(s) and click the hammer icon to Moderate.
  2. Click Inject Item located in the left-hand corner (under Export Content).
  3. Copy and paste the social content URL you wish to inject. 
  4. Click Preview, if the preview is correct click  Save. Once saved, content will automatically appear in the published list. 

Customize the order of your Published Content

By default published content is ordered by the date it was published by the moderator. Now you can create a custom playlist to tell your story in the order that works best for your campaign. This is not optimal for large quantities of content, but for concise stories where a custom order matters. For that reason, the best displays for a playlist of content are stream, grid layouts in social walls and social carousels. For broadcasters, we have also enabled the ability to choose to add content to to top of the list (default) or the bottom of the list which is a more optimal workflow when integrating with character generators. Here is how to enable custom ordering and re-order your content in the moderation workspace.

  1. Open Content, locate your Collection(s) and click the settings icon to enable custom ordering.
  2. You will see an option to enable Custom Ordering, click the toggle to enable.
  3. By default content will be added to the top. Unless your workflow requires adding content to the bottom, it is best to leave content adding to the top as this works most optimally with our social content displays. If you need to add content to the bottom, select Bottom of Collection from the drop-down and hit Apply.
  4. Click on the Hammer icon in the left side bar to go to Moderation.
  5. Once you have published some content, filter by Published.
  6. Now you will see Drag and Drop handles which will allow you to re-order the content in your playlist.
  7. If you are using one of Cheetah Experience's social displays to display your content, you can choose to display content by the following sort options:
    • Published Date (default): The order content is moderated and marked as published
    • Created Date: The timestamp on the post for a display where content is in chronological order
    • Custom Order: When you want content to appear in a specific order for more controlled storytelling