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Understanding: Content data limits

What are content data limits?

Each account has two limits when it comes to content services: The monthly ingested content limit and an overall content storage limit.

Ingested Content Limit (per month)

This is the limit on the amount of content that is retrieved via data or content feeds on a monthly basis.

Twitter Premium

Twitter Premium monthly ingestion limits are in addition to the overall content storage. For example, an account that has a Twitter Premium limit of 100,000 items, and an overall content ingestion limit of 200,000 items can ingest up to 300,000 items of content total a month.

Twitter Premium Limit Hit

If the Twitter Premium collection limit hits 100% for the month, all Twitter Premium feeds will be paused and won’t be able to be enabled again until the next month. This is a hard limit per month, so deleting Twitter Premium content will not free up space or allow users to enable their paused Twitter Premium feeds.

Your CSM and all users in your account will receive an automated email from the platform when Twitter user account is at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of their monthly Twitter Premium account limit.

If Twitter Premium is enabled on an account, you will get a progress bar which shows allocation the of Twitter Premium data per collection at the top of the Content page. This will help you manage your Twitter Premium data.

What happens when my account hits the ingestion limit for the month?

If your account hits the overall content ingestion limit for the month, feeds will be paused and you will not be able to enable the feed again until the month is over.

Understanding the Content Storage Limit

This is the total number of content items that can be stored in your account at any given time.

You account will be allocated an amount of content that Wayin will store in that account at any given time, like a hard drive on a computer or Google Drive. Content ingested from data feeds does not count towards this storage limit, only content stored in a collection.

The following types of content count towards your account storage limit:

  • Social Content: Brought in from a tracked feed such as Twitter Search
  • Seeded Content: Added into a collection via the experience
  • Imported Content
  • Content submitted via Content Submit API
  • Published entries (UGC posts)

What happens when my account hits the content storage limit?

If your account hits the overall content storage limit, feeds will be paused and your users will not be able to enable them again until content has been deleted and/or more storage space is made available.