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Introducing: The New Content Services

Audience: All Customers
Timing: Available Now

Create beautiful, live social displays for any event and any screen in a fraction of the time it would take to build in-house. Cheetah Experiences content configuration and moderation is designed to save time and money by filtering through the noise and showcasing the right content at the right time in the right place.

Social displays that look great on any screen

Cheetah Experiences Library is a continually growing library of pre-configured displays and campaigns that teams can leverage for any type of marketing activation. The new Content Service will power a whole new set of Social Displays we will be adding over the next few months. Add authenticity and word of mouth advocacy to any marketing event without costly design and build cycles.

Empower your team to spend less time building and more time engaging with your fans and followers. Once you have created and customized your display, reuse in different markets or with different brands making the most of your team's valuable resources.

Here are some of the new Social Displays that have been added to the Cheetah Experiences Library to help you showcase your social presence from mobile devices to Times Square and everywhere in between.

Capture the best moments from your selected hashtag and visualize them in this popular social display. Seamlessly mix user-generated content with brand assets, and publish both to a custom layout. This display offers flexibility in design and content positioning and therefore is ideal for in-venue events or displays with non-standard dimensions. Collages are common at conferences and sports stadiums but can also work on websites where a custom layout is desired. As with all Cheetah Experiences displays, the Collage is responsive and mobile-friendly.


Social Waterfall
Display selected items in a continuous stream of content. Select one of our many layout options from a simple grid to our popular waterfall layout to perfectly fit wherever the content is going to live. Hashtag Wall includes a variety of engaging interactions to assist you in telling your story. Allow users to vote for their favorite photo, search for posts from your top influencers or sort by custom tags to more deeply explore your brand in new and interesting ways.



Social Carousel
Create a virtual flip/swipe book featuring on-the-ground shares from fans at your event or influencers talking about your products. Whether you are trying to engage swiping on mobile devices or showcasing posts on a social billboard at a stadium, the social carousel is a fun way to display on-brand user content no matter where it lives.


The Stream layout of Social Wall module is optimized to display content in a similar manner as social networks do natively. Select your source, review and publish the best content and display it as one continuous stream of posts. This layout is the right choice for placing content in a smaller space on your website or for viewing on mobile.


Visualize the volume of conversations coming from Twitter or Instagram around a specific topic, person, or product. Just trigger the conversation with a well-crafted question and watch the progress bars rise as more conversation occurs.


Enrich your storytelling with a visualization charting your chosen hashtag’s usage over time. Maybe you're already showing individual posts and you want to boost your experience to the next level? Display a graph of that same conversation to bring your story full circle. With support for Twitter and Instagram, you can put topics against each other to give a visual understanding of the impact each is having.


The right content, every time

Choose any combination of social networks to display and add the right filters so your team is wasting less time wading through the social noise and spending more time finding gems that enhance your campaign’s story and connects your brand’s message with fans.  

Collections are a place for your feeds to live. Within a collection, you can set up one or more feeds from our selection of content sources with different criteria. Create an official Instagram feed which comes directly from the company, partners or influencers which does not need to be moderated and can be directly published to your social display. Then set up a separate feed for content from their fans talking about your brand or using your campaign hashtag which the team can review before being widely visible. Your content, your rules!


Custom moderation workflows allow you to always keep content fresh while adhering to business and legal guidelines. We know that every event and every brand is different which is why Cheetah Experiences moderation platform is built to be robust but frictionless. Whether your team wants to auto-approve everything or review each post with a fine-tooth comb our moderation workflows can meet any team or event’s needs.


Get creative with Cheetah's Experience APIs

Sometimes your team has something specific and grand in mind. Cheetah Experiences provides several APIs for custom displays so the only limit is your imagination. Here is a quick run-down of

Content Display API
Set up feeds and moderate your content in the Cheetahs Experiences platform, but create something totally custom leveraging the Content Display API.

Content Submit API 
Have a photo booth at your event or want to bring in content from one of your other systems? Submit content to the Cheetah Experiences platform then use our moderation capabilities and any of the Cheetah Experience Social Displays.

Experience Metrics API 
Tell your social story with a custom infographic using the Experience Metrics API. Create a hashtag counter, show a line graph of how the conversation developed on social or show a head-to-head battle around who is talking about which products.

Broadcast API 
Cheetah Experience has years of experience working with television and in-stadium producers to showcase social data within other graphic template systems such as VizRT, Ross, and Chyron. The Broadcast API is specifically designed to provide a workflow where a team can use the Cheetah Experiences platform to specify which piece of content to show without updating the URL. Simply select and active post or active collection when you want a particular item to show.