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How to: Publish Social Content

This article explains how to review, curate and manage social content that has been imported into the platform from social feeds across various different social networks.

Video Guide

What to do

Under Content section of the Cheetah Experiences Platform, locate your Collection and click on the hammer icon to open the Moderation area.

Use Filters on the left-hand side to refine your search results. You can filter by:

  • Moderation Status - Needs Moderation, Published, Rejected
  • Time Range
  • Reactions
  • Sources 
  • Feeds 
  • Tag 
  • Advanced Filters - Winner category,  View Number of Votes, View Ratings 

The default view will display content that Needs Moderation. You can go ahead and Favorite, Flag, Publish or Reject a piece of content.

For a more detailed view, tap on the content which will display additional content settings. To add a tag, you need to type in a simple single string and hit spacebar after each tag you want to apply. You can set the Prominence (size) as Spotlight, Feature or Standard. This is the visual shown in the front-end. To add a sticky, enter the priority number, Eg. (1 first priority, 2-second priority... this will stick content at the top of priority in your social display).

Click Approve. Published content will appear in the Published area on the left hand. 

To unpublish content select your chosen item(s) and click Reject.

You can also easily search content in the moderation queue. Simply type in your search term in the search bar above social content and press Search. Try a combination of words using "AND" for more accurate results.