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How to: Set up Social Waterfall

Video Guide

What to do

First of all, navigate to the Experience Library, click on the Social Displays tab in the navigation and select a Social Waterfall, which will open a brief overview of the campaign type.

If you are happy with your selection, add Social Waterfall to your account if you are using it for the first time, or simply click on Create if you have previously build a Social Waterfall.

The wizard will take you through the experience creation process:

  1. First of all, name your experience and click next.
  2. After that, choose a theme. You will be able to select one of the system themes (Card, Square, Flex or Scaffold) or one of your branded themes if your account has one configured. This determined the base styling of your campaign.
  3. In the next step, you will be able to add pages you think you may need, again these can be added later as required, for most the default social page will be sufficient.
  4. On the launch timing screen, you can choose to schedule the launch timing here. Schedule a launch date and time if you’re aware of this during setup, or simply click Choose later.
  5. At the end of the wizard, you will be presented with an overview of the campaign setup so far. If you’re happy, click Create to finalize your settings and create the campaign.

Adding feeds

The first action to take after your experience has been created is to add Feeds (sources), where the content you are looking for will be ingested from. This will automatically create a Collection for you. To start creating Feeds:

  1. Open Feeds area;
  2. Click + New Content Feed;
  3. Select Feed Type;
  4. Define Settings for your selected Feed Type;
  5. Authenticate if required,
  6. Save.

To learn more about Content and Data Feed Types, please visit this article.

Authenticating each feed

If you try to publish a Social Waterfall without first authenticating each source, you will receive an error and no content will be collected.

“Campaign was published, but some feeds could not be activated as they are not authorized.”

  1. Open Feeds, for each feed listed with a padlock on an orange background (Feed requires authentication), click Edit source.
  2. Click Authenticate now on the right.
  3. Enter your credentials to logon to the requested social account. Point 4 of this guide, talks about the authentication process further.

Curate and Review

To review content ingested from previously defined social feeds, click on Curate and Review. This will take you directly in your collection, where you will be able to view content by status (i.e. Needs moderation, Published, Rejected), filter and moderate it.

To learn more about Content Moderation, please visit this article.

Social Waterfall settings

To further define settings for your Social Waterfall, navigate to Pages and click on Edit Social Page. This will open a Page Builder with Social Wall module already in place. The waterfall effect is one of the design options of the social wall module.

To start defining Social Waterfall settings, hover with your mouse over the module and click on the cog icon. In the Settings tab you will be able to define:

  • Content Settings:
    • Use Experience Collection: Feeds that you have defined during experience creation Process
    • Use Other Collection: Previously created Collection in the Content Section if the Wayin platform
    • Max items: You can define the maximum number of social tiles that will be displayed on the first page load. Enable pagination to display “show more” button to load more content upon the user’s click.

To learn more about Collections and creating feeds, please visit this article.

  • Content Filters & Sorting: You can filter content on Social Waterfall by social network or prominence of a post that was assigned in moderation.
  • User Controls:
    • Allow users to sort content: This will allow sorting content by date when it was published, by name or by votes if applicable.
    • Allow users to page through content: Enable CTA button that will load more content as users interact with it.
    • Allow users to vote on content: Enable voting for social content. To set up voting options, please go to the Settings in the main menu of your experience.
    • Allow users to filter content: This will allow user filtering by tag, social network, username.

Switch to the Copy tab to add context to this module by adding a heading, byline, description, uploading an image and defining call-to-action. All changes will be reflected in the dynamic preview on the right-hand side.

To start customizing layout and display options of your content, click on the Design tab, where you will be defined to do the following:

  • Layout Options: For waterfall effect with cascading tiled from the top, select either Media or Content Waterfall layout.
  • Display options:
    • Define if clicking on social content should open an overlay or take the user to the original post in the social network where it was published.
    • Display sticky content will display content with a static position defined during content moderation.
    • Load new content automatically will enable content tiles to refresh automatically and display newly published content without the need for a page refresh.

There are a few scenarios that do not support loading new content automatically:

  • When user sorts content by name or number of votes
  • If loading new content automatically and sticky content is enabled in a social wall when new content is fetched, the pinned item moves and does not remain in its pinned position
  • If the maximum number of items is set, new content will be added if you enable loading of new content automatically, so if you want to have a strictly set number of items displayed, disable auto-load
  • Background: Customise what background should your Social Waterfall use. You can define background color as well as upload background image.

Don’t forget to save all your changes when you are done. The last step is to go ahead and publish your experience. To learn more about Publishing area, please visit this article.