Marigold Grow Support

How to: Set up a Scratch and Win Giveaway

We are excited to bring this latest enhancement to rewards for NextGen experiences. Now, you can bring some curiosity and excitement to the rewards (or no rewards) granted to a participating user by enabling the Scratch Card overlay within the My Rewards module. 

Just to recap, the My Rewards module can be added to the confirmation page and has the following key settings:

  • Content: This allow you to create an introduction to the rewards, for example: 'Thanks for participating, please see your results below', etc. You can use some or all of the settings from among tagline, headline, description, CTA, Image, etc.
  • Reward(s) Granted / No Reward Granted: This allows you to define a message when one or more rewards are granted (e.g. Great! You've won something), or when no reward is granted (e.g. Oops! Better luck next time)
  • Rewards: Finally, the actual reward(s) granted are displayed as per the configured rewards

With this latest addition, there is an optional setting to Enable Scratch Card Overlay. If enabled, the Reward(s) Granted / No Reward Granted is not immediately revealed to the user. Instead, the user will see a scratch card which will reveal whether the user has won rewards or not. If the user has won one or more rewards, the actual reward flows in a few seconds later.

You can configure the overlay image, reward and no reward reveal images, an optional cursor image and the delay between the card being scratched and the actual rewards being displayed.