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Understanding: The Callout Module

The callout module can be used in lots of different ways.  Here is the callout module possibilities in detail.

Copy Tab

Within the copy tab of the callout module, you have the following fields at your action you can select just one of the field or all of them to display in your campaign.

  • Heading
    Bold heading text for the module.
  • Byline
    The line of text, placed at the top of a body of text just below the heading.
  • Description
    Is text which lists the characteristics of something. The topic is usually about the attributes of the campaign and the context of the page.
  • Image
    For uploading an asset.
  • Call to Action
    This field you can link out to an external destination or a destination within the campaign.
  • Background
    For uploading a background asset.

Layout Tab

Within the design tab of the callout module, you can set the layout of your module.

  • Text on left
    The copy will appear on the left, the media is on the right 
  • Text on right
    The copy will appear on the right, the media is on the left 
  • Text on top
    The copy appears above the media 
  • Text on bottom
    The copy appears below the media 
  • Masterhead
    This condensed the layout that is great for small spaces

You can also customize the style to specify a set of fonts, color, etc. 

  • Default
  • Feature
  • Hero/Spotlight 

The Advanced Settings

  • Design & Sizing
    Here you can add in the custom classname (CSS) and the display height.

Sharing Tab

Within the sharing tab, you set the sharing within the module. You have a choice of three types of sharing icons from Icon, Button, Echo Input or Native

Use native sharing. The caption field defined in campaign sharing cannot be displayed when using the Native option.

Choose whether you want to display or hide sharing buttons on the campaign page.

  • No Sharing
    Don't feature sharing buttons 
  • Campaign sharing
    Feature the generic sharing message for all social networks.
  • Use custom sharing
    Feature tailored sharing message for each social network. 


Within this tab, you can amend link settings where you control what happens when fans click on the links within the module.

  • Parent window 
  • New window 
  • Same frame