Marigold Grow Support

How to: Use the image gallery module

The Image gallery module is a fantastic way to showcase a selection of images in your experience page, these steps will walk you through. 

What to do

  1. Add your Images on the image tab. You can upload new images or select existing ones from the content library. Enter supporting content for each image within the gallery.


  2. In the Advanced settings, you can control on what happens when fans click on the links.     
    • Parent window
      Link replaces the current page with a new page
    • New window
      Opens the link in a new browser window
    • Same frame
      Replaces content within part of the page.
      You cannot open Facebook resources, such as Pages or Groups inside an iFrame, you will need to use Parent Window or New Window for this.
  3. Enter copy for the gallery overall on the Copy tab.


      4. Choose the layout on the design tab. Some layout would be best in wide columns.


  • Basic carousel - Displays your media and arrows for navigation 
  • Carousel with thumbnails - Displays your media along with your thumbnails of other images
  • Carousel with description - Displays your media thumbnails and a short description 
  • Small grid - Responsive grid layout with small square tiles 
  • Medium grid - Responsive layout with medium square tiles 
  • Large grid - Responsive grid layout with large tiles 
  • Waterfall - Cascading tiles show both media and text 

         In this area, you can add a style. A style specify a set fonts, colors, theme, etc.  The style options are: Default, Feature, Hero/Spotlight. The advanced setting is a field on where you can add custom classname and display height.

    5. Finally, click Save.