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Latest Release Notes

This article is updated regularly with the latest features and changes to the platform. Efix information is listed separately in this article. Note that updates are normally rolled out within a few days of the notification date listed.

Latest Features and Updates

Ability to Hide Coupon Code from Confirmation Page (February 2022)

Now, when you setup a Reward, there is another toggle which allows you to show or hide the coupon code within the My Rewards module on the confirmation page. The default setting will be set to off but you can turn it on if you wish to display the reward coupon code on confirmation page.

For valuable rewards, the recommended practice is to send the coupon code in email, as opposed to showing it on the confirmation page which makes it easier to obtain for any bots or malicious users. Please refer to the Rewards Best Practices when using Instant Win value based rewards.



This feature now allows you to continue to use the My Rewards module on the confirmation page to inform users of the rewards they have won, without the coupon code.


We have also released two further enhancements to Instant Win Rewards as follows:

  1. Improved format and support for multiple rewards in reward notification email
  2. Support for hourly metering of rewards, providing improved distribution control


Ability to Locate User Entries across campaigns and child accounts (January 2022)

We have released an enhancement to the Data Protection Area (accessed through the main settings menu for authorised users). This enhancement now allows you to find the details of any particular user's entries across multiple campaigns across the logged in account or its child accounts. This is often required for GDPR purposes under disclosure of held data rule. This enhancement now removes the dependence on Cheetah to provide you with this information requested by your users, and you can now obtain this information yourselves.

To obtain this information, search for a user's email address as usual. If there are multiple entries made by the user in one or more campaigns, you can click on Show details to display the details of campaigns where the user entered, and whether their entry won a reward or not.


Web Overlay (Popup) Publishing for NextGen Experiences (November 2022)

We added the Microsite publishing mode to NextGen experiences in September and have now added a web overlay publishing option to NextGen Experiences in addition to the Web Embed, Microsite and Social Story publishing. This will now allow you to publish your NextGen experiences as a popup which could be launched based on calls-to-action like banners, buttons or links, or through any web event like time spent on page, exit intent, interest in or interaction with a particular section or content etc.

To publish a NextGen experience as a popup overlay, select the Web Overlay option as publishing type


In the next step, you will be presented with a list of web channels configured in your account. Select the appropriate channel. And that's it, review the selection and click on Publish to publish your NextGen experiences as a web overlay on the selected channel.

Please note that unlike standard experiences, you are not required to choose the format as the NextGen experiences would adapt to the size and settings of the available viewport whether it is full screen or windowed, or whether it is desktop, mobile or tablet.

Once you have published, you will need to incorporate the popup experience into the particular web channel. Select the help and instructions icon (?) next to the publishing destination.




You will be presented with the code examples and instructions on how to incorporate it into your website or mobile app. This also contains instructions on how to change the settings for the overlay like the transparency, size, closing method, and other settings to help you achieve the desired result.




We hope you find this new publishing mode useful. If you have any questions or would like assistance in using this exciting new mode of publishing, please feel free to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or Account Representative.  

Microsite Publishing for NextGen Experiences (September 2022)

We have now added a microsite publishing option to NextGen Experiences in addition to the Web Embed and Social Story publishing. This will now allow you to publish your NextGen experiences on a separate microsite, as you could for macro or standard experiences.

To publish a NextGen experience as a microsite, select the Microsite option as publishing type


In the next step, you will be presented with a list of web channels configured in your account. Select the appropriate channel. And that's it, review the selection and click on Publish to publish your NextGen experiences as a microsite on the selected channel.

Please note that unlike standard experiences, you are not required to choose the format as the NextGen experiences.

Currently, you can publish your NextGen experiences on web channels but not on pinned containers which is coming soon.


Rewards Export for NextGen Experiences (September 2022)

Last month, we launched Instant Win rewards for NextGen Experiences (see below). This month we have also added the ability to export rewards granted in any live NextGen experience. This will allow you to generate a time limited password protected csv export of rewards in a similar way as it is available for entries export.

To generate the rewards export, select Entries from the main left hand menu in any experience, then scroll down beyond the export entries section where you will find the rewards export section.




Click on 'Export All' to generate and download the rewards data in a csv file. As for other exports, the file will be password protected and the password will be displayed for a short while on the console, as in this sample screen below.



Instant Win Rewards for NextGen Experiences (August 2022)

Rewards-based experiences are very popular with our customers and their customers alike. The opportunity to reward participation in real-time is appealing and allows you to offer an immediate incentive as a value exchange. Research proves that offering a value exchange in the form of an incentive such as a prize, discount coupon or voucher, increases the overall engagement rate and brand affinity. 

This month, we have rolled out Instant Win reward capabilities to NextGen Experiences which offer several benefits and capabilities powered by the latest technology.

The Instant Win rewards for NextGen Experiences provide the same features and options as for macro experiences with a better more adaptive rewards module which can be added to the confirmation page.

To add instant win rewards, simply select Rewards from the left side menu and then select 'Add a Reward' (Note: Rewards can be set up any time but can only be published when the experience is live)




If you would like to understand more, please visit: 

Branching Logic for Checkboxes (August 2022)

Last year, we introduced Branching Logic for NextGen Experiences which, along with Tokens, is a very powerful tool to create customized and personalized experiences for the users. Branching logic could already be used to show or hide subsequent questions and fields based on a user’s earlier responses to radio and dropdown questions.

We have now extended the Branching Logic functionality to checkboxes which means you can show or hide fields based on particular selections in checkbox questions, in addition to drop downs and single selection radio questions. 


NextGen Adaptive Mode (July 2022)

We have upgraded the Responsive Web Embed mode for Embeddable NextGen experiences with a much improved Adaptive Web Embed mode. This mode adapts to any viewport size by making use of the available horizontal space and scaling its vertical size depending on the amount of content currently being displayed. This allows you to design and build the experience as you require without worrying about the display, which adapts beautifully and automatically rendering the best experience for the users.

Existing NextGen experiences published in Responsive Web Embed mode continue to function as-is while any new NextGen experiences will benefit from this new adaptive mode which is now available for all NextGen experiences.

To publish a NextGen experience in Adaptive mode, simply select the Adaptive mode while publishing your NextGen experience in a Web Embed mode.



This is another major enhancement to our NextGen experiences to bring you exciting features powered by the latest tech to help you create experiences that look good and work well for your users. If you would like to learn a bit more about creating NextGen experiences, please visit this article.


Tokens (June 2022)

We are pleased to announce this exciting release of Tokens (@). Tokens allow you to personalize an Experience for your users based on their responses. This useful addition to our NextGen Experiences will allow you to tokenize any user response field and use that token in any text label or description.

A user's responses to form questions are automatically tokenized and can be included to personalise any text labels, headline, byline etc for a subsequent field or module by using the @symbol. Therefore, you can make the experience feel more engaging and personal for your users. 

Tokens can be used for any text, but typically they would be used in the headline and labels. For example, if you ask the user's name as a question, you could use that in subsequent questions and messages, e.g. "Ok <Jane>, so what is your address or what is your favourite snack?", or for example "Congratulations <Jane>, you have won a reward".

Not only text responses, you could also use the responses to choice questions like dropdowns or radio selection. For example, if you ask the user to select their favourite holiday type from say, Beach, City or Ski, you could subsequently use their response, e.g. "Hey, so which <Beach> destination is your favourite?".

Tokens, are even more powerful when used with branching logic and can result in truly personal and customised engaging experience for your users.

To use tokens in your NextGen experience, simply type @ in any of the text for any module and you will be presented with a list of possible options from user's response fields occurring earlier in the experience. 



Select the appropriate field and add the token.



When a user goes through the experience, the token will be dynamically replaced with the response provided in the token source field.


We are continuing to invest in our NextGen experiences to bring you more and more powerful and exciting features powered by the latest tech to help you create engaging and beautiful experiences for your users. If you would like to learn a bit more about creating NextGen experiences, please visit this article.


Deprecated - Facebook Confirmation Share Prompt (June 2022)

Previously, you had the following four share options for standard experiences available through the Sharing menu:

  • Facebook share prompt
  • Twitter share prompt
  • Pinterest share prompt
  • Facebook confirmation share prompt

The sharing module can be added to any pages/sections of an experience and provides the user with share buttons or icons for the options selected among the first three. For example, if you configured Facebook and Twitter share prompts, then facebook and twitter icons or buttons will be included and the user could click on these options to share the experience on their social media accounts.

However, the last option, Facebook confirmation share prompt, would automatically launch the sharing on submission of an entry without any notification or additional action by the user. Due to changes at facebook, this would now launch in a new tab automatically switching from the experience to this new tab instead of displaying the confirmation page. This resulted in a poor experience for the user so we have deprecated this option.

Although there are no live experiences with this option enabled, it has been designed in a way that any existing experiences with this option would continue to work as before, e.g. if you cloned an experience with this setting enabled to create a new one. However, this option would now not be available on any new experiences. You can continue to include the other sharing options for facebook, twitter and pinterest providing users with 1-click sharing of the experience to increase participation and brand awareness.  


NextGen Experience Sharing (June 2022)

We have now introduced experience sharing for the NextGen experiences. These work in the same manner as for standard experiences and allow you to configure and provide experience sharing options to the users of the experience. To enable sharing for any NextGen experience, simply click on Sharing from the left hand nav, then enable and configure the required sharing options.



Once this is done, you can add the sharing module to any pages and sections of your experience by simply dragging the sharing module from the content section in  the page designer.



You can then click on the sharing module added to the page to edit the design, optionally add a tagline, headline and/or byline, and choose from the icon and button options for the social media channels. Click on the preview button to see how it looks and works, make any adjustments and save.

Users logged into the respective social channel on the browser will directly go to sharing the experience in a new tab when they click on the social media icons/buttons, or if they are not logged in they will see the login screen and then proceed to sharing. 

Experience sharing is a useful means to increase user engagement and increase participation with your experience so we are glad to have added this additional capability to the NextGen Experiences. 


Countdown and Curtain pages for NextGen Experiences (May 2022)

Earlier this year we introduced multi-page support for NextGen experiences and this month we have introduced support for Countdown and Curtain pages. To add a countdown page, curtain page, or both to your NextGen experience, simply click on Add New Page in the build section. You will be presented with the pages and you can simply click on them to add them.








Click on the pages to configure what to display in them, including a timer and additional content. The countdown page can be configured to display until a set date/time and the curtain page can be configured to display after a certain date/time by clicking on the calendar icons next to these pages in the console.    


There's more coming soon for our next generation of experiences so please stay tuned for more. If you would like to learn a bit more about creating NextGen experiences, please visit this article.


Enhanced Hourly and Daily Entry Constraints (May 2022)

Earlier this year, we added the hourly entry constraint to allow one entry per hour, in addition to one entry only, one entry per day, or unlimited entries per user. You can now define the maximum number of times an individual user can enter an experience in an hour or in a day. This is useful to achieve the required level of entries per user for repeat entry experiences such as quizzes, competitions and instant wins where users can try again later. 

When you create an experience, you will have the option to select among the four options as now and if you select hourly or daily limit option, it will be defaulted to one entry per user per hour/day as selected. 




You can then go into the Settings area of the experience, which now has an additional entry box to specify the limit applicable to the hourly or daily option. You can even increase or decrease the limit while the experience is live and it will take effect immediately. 




Enhanced COPPA controls  (March 2022)

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act is a law in the US to restrict the collection and processing of personal information from children under the age of 13 without parental consent. If you're publishing an experience that might be of interest to children in this age bracket, you can use our COPPA controls to detect and dissuade those under 13 from entering. 

Simply add a "Date of Birth" field to your experience and enable our "COPPA compliance" setting. When enabled, we will ask the entrant for their date of birth and, if they are under 13, we will notify them that they are not permitted to enter. We will also store information in their browser to block attempts to retry with an alternative date of birth. 

For customers using Next Gen experiences, we now require cookies to be enabled whenever you use COPPA controls. This reduces viable options to retry with an older date of birth after detecting someone under the age of 13.

Multi-Page Support for Next Gen!  (January 2022)

We're continuing our investment in the next generation of Cheetah Experiences which is based on our Micro-Experience (MX) technology. To help customers build richer experiences with additional content, we're introducing multi-page support so you can build out experiences with any number of pages: landing pages, entry pages, rules pages and so on. Best of all, this is supported whether you're building an experience that is displayed as long-form pages, or as horizontal or vertical slides. Each page can take advantage of our extensive library of display modules and can have a very simple layout or one that includes rows and columns in various combinations.

Adding and editing pages is really simple. Just click "Add New Page" to add a new one or click on an existing page to edit it. You can also change its name and display order using the inline controls:


When you edit the page in Screen Designer, you can easily switch between pages using the left-hand menu:


And, finally, your pages appear at the top of your experience, according to the design theme in use:


There's lots more planned for our next generation of experiences so please stay tuned for more. If you would like to learn a bit more about creating MX-based experiences, please visit this article.

Understanding Integration Mappings (January 2022)

Cheetah Experiences helps marketers acquire new users and enrich the profiles of existing users collecting marketing permissions, contact details, personal preferences and purchase intentions as users interact with a variety of experiences. Most customers have enabled real-time integrations to send this information over to Cheetah's EDP, or whichever customer data platform they are using, so that they can respond to the user and determine the next best action, in real-time. 

To help you understand the data that is flowing to your customer data platform, you can now see active integrations in your account and the data that will be sent over. Head over to the "Settings" menu at the top-right of the console and then to "Integrations". Here, you'll see active integrations and you can click on them to review field mappings:



The diagram shows the form fields and entry details that will be sent to your customer database platform and where they will stored in that system. We've broken it down into:

  • Form Data
    These are custom fields you can add to your form. The values shown are "Remote Field Names" that should be configured in the "Advanced" tab of relevant fields in order for the data to flow into your customer data platform.
  • Other Data
    These are system values that are tracked by Cheetah Experiences automatically. Some of them are sourced from form fields (like name and email) but you don't need to manually set the "Remote Field Name" for these fields... Cheetah Experiences manages this for you. Some items listed in this section may also be internal values that are not generated from form fields, like the time of entry or the type of experience entered.

New Hourly Entry Constraints (January 2022)

In addition to one entry only and one entry per day, you can now limit how often a user can enter an experience to one entry per hour. This is especially useful for repeat entry experiences such as quizzes, competitions and instant wins where users can try again later but you need a sensible, easy to understand rate limit. You'll find this and other entry constraints in the Settings tab for next generation experiences and in the Entry tab for classic experiences.


Introducing Form Carousels & Common Footers (January 2022)

In 2021, we introduced the next generation of Cheetah Experiences based on our Micro-Experience (MX) technology. We introduced support for multi-column layouts, branching forms, horizontal and vertical slide modes, rich text editing and an improved screen designer.

Continuing our investment in this area, we're introducing a couple of brand-new features:

Form Carousels

When you're building an experience that is displayed as a simple page, you can now choose between having the form appear as one long form or as a carousel. In long-form mode, the form is displayed according to its row and column layout. In carousel mode, the each row within the form section becomes a carousel slide with next and previous buttons to navigate. This helps you "chunk" the form into easy-to-digest slides which can help avoid overwhelming a user on initial inspection. 

To use carousel mode:

  • Ensure your experience is set to "Page" mode
  • Edit the page containing your form and click on the settings icon for the form section
  • Set the display type to "Carousel":


Common Footer

You can now add a common footer that appears on all pages of a next-generation experience. The footer supports popular display modules and is useful for legal disclaimers, links and for brand elements. To add a common footer, visit the "Design" tab within a next generation experience and click on the "Footer" option:


If you would like to learn a bit more about creating MX-based experiences, please visit this article.

Next Best Experience (October 2021)

Introducing jointly with Cheetah Personalization

Next Best Experience solution allows you to take advantage of unique capabilities across Cheetah Real-Time Personalization and Cheetah Experiences solutions and provide them with new opportunities for real-time onsite acquisition, enrichment, and engagement. 

Our Real-Time Personalization engine dynamically selects the Next Best Experience and displays it to the user at the right moment to help achieve the best possible conversion rate. The experience is selected based on a number of important criteria. Is the user known? Is it an unknown visitor or is it a known visitor that just hasn’t been identified at that time? User identity is tracked seamlessly from unknown to known, between all solutions in the Customer Engagement Suite.

Your acquisition or profiling experience can then be shown as a pop up experience anywhere on the site based on the criteria you define. 

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please read more about it in this article and speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Rich text editing for answer options (October 28, 2021)

Some time back, we have introduced an inline text editing tool allowing you to style text easily with B, I, U, <hyperlink> and carriage returns without any need to define it through HTML. We have now extended this setting to all text fields and answer options. Simply click or highlight the text you want to edit and the toolbar will appear. 


Rows with multi-column structure in MX (October 28, 2021)

The NextGen Experience workspace was initially designed to support very light-weight experiences with simple structure. With our ongoing investment to introduce the next generation of Cheetah Experiences, we will now support multi-column layouts and allow for multiple modules to be placed in one row/column. This means, that even in a Slide mode, you will be able to build a content rich experience with interesting layouts and design. We have introduced the following key changes:

  • Support for multi-column layouts in content AND form section 
  • Ability to place multiple modules in one row 
  • Slides can now grow in height and have multiple modules and columns as well 
  • Ability to clone rows with modules in it 
  • Ability to define custom class name for each row


If you would like to learn a bit more about how to create a NextGen Experience, please visit this article.


Easy way to report on number of remaining prizes (5 October 2021)

We've made it easier for you to understand how many prizes are remaining to give away in a quick glance. When you navigate to the Rewards section of your experience, you can see a list view of all available and active prizes and with this small but mighty enhancement, you can immediately understand how many prizes are remaining from the total number of prizes or if a new file containing more coupon codes should be uploaded. 

To learn more about Instant Win Rewards, please see this article


Countdown Module (13 September 2021)

Countdown module is an interactive element that can be added to any page to help entrants understand how much time is remaining until a special event, start or end of a giveaway or any other point in time. Just place the module on any page in your NextGen Experience, define the time you want it to count down to and create some anticipation for your users.

Additional capabilities for Integration Designer (August & September 2021)

The power of Experiences platform lies in the ability to collect first- and zero-party data and insights into consumer behaviour and then to make this data available and actionable through real-time integrations to platforms like our very own Cheetah EDP or Cheetah Messaging or many other platforms.

In July, we have introduced an integration designer (read more about it in this article) and we continue to improve the area. All users can now see all active HTTP, EDP and Messaging integrations in their account. You can also now request to have more than one HTTP integration added to an account. Very soon, you'll be able to also manage integrations on per campaign basis. 

Introducing Always Win  (30 July 2021)

We are constantly evolving and improving our Instant Win capabilities to give you the right set of tools to reward engagement. With this release, we are introducing a new prize distribution strategy called Always Win. Always Win is a unique type of reward that will be always given to users in addition to another odds-based or time-based reward. Imagine you are giving away $5 off as an Always Win prize and then you are also giving 1 in 5 lucky winners a chance to win a grand prize of a free flight. Most entrants will get the Always win reward but some (based on the odds in this example) will be given the grand prize in addition to that. Always Win prizes cannot be combined with Consolation Rewards (it used to be called Everyone Wins). 

Read all about Instant Win in this article. 

Integration Designer (7 July 2021)

The power of Experiences platform lies in the ability to collect first- and zero-party data and insights into consumer behaviour and then to make this data available and actionable through real-time integrations to platforms like our very own Cheetah EDP.

You can now conveniently manage integrations using the Integrations screen in account settings. Read more about the Integration Designer in this article.

Branching Logic now available for all form fields (9 June 2021)

Last month, we have introduced Branching Logic in NextGen Experiences. Branching logic is used to show or hide follow up questions based on the user's response to the current question. You can use this feature to control the flow of questions in your Experience and make the overall data capture feel like a conversation. You can now show/hide any form field based on a logic driven by responses in radio choice or dropdown. Read all about it here


Updated granted rewards export and Export API (24 May 2021)

If you are using Rewards capabilities to grant rewards to users, you may know that you can export details of users who have won from the Export area of your Experience. In the past, the export for granted rewards didn't include all the details collected via the form, it was a simplified version of the entry export. With this enhancement, you can now get all available information about the entrant who won a reward from one export and we have also added the possibility to retrieve redemptions data via the Export API

To learn more about our rewards capabilities, please visit this article

Usability enhancements of NextGen (Micro) Experiences (24 May 2021)

We are continuously working on improving and updating the NextGen Experiences workspace, laying the foundation for the next generation of Cheetah Experiences. The goal is to convert NextGen Experiences into modern, beautiful experiences with improved UI, better design capabilities and lay a solid foundation for experiences that can dynamically react to the user's context. In this phase of the project we have introduced:

  • New navigation structure
  • Improved usability of the main workspace
  • Simplifying schematic preview and improving usability of screen designer

Additional Capabilities for Custom Domains (24 May 2021)

Earlier in the year, we have introduced the possibility to publish experiences to Custom Domains. We are continuously improving this feature and recently, we have added: 

  • Possibility to define favicon for you custom domain (please supply an asset 16x16px in png or jpeg format when requesting a custom domain)
  • Possibility to add custom Javascript to the parent wrapper page (this maybe handy for additional tracking and analytics)
  • You can now add attribution tracking to your experience published to Custom Domains to track source, medium and channel. Read more about it on the bottom of this article.

Branching Logic (10 May 2021)

With this exciting release, we are introducing a branching logic allowing the users to branch out to a certain flow based on their answers. This powerful addition to our data collection capabilities in NextGen Experiences will allow you to decide which fields will be shown or hidden to the users based on their responses, creating a truly customized and personalized experience for the end user, helping our customers to collect only relevant and very granular data that can be then used for further personalization efforts and value exchange.

Read all about it in this Introducing Article. 


Rewards in Reveal Experiences (22 April 2021)

Rewards-based experiences are growing in popularity between our customers and their customers alike. The opportunity to reward participation in real-time is appealing and allows you to offer an immediate incentive as a value exchange. Research proves that offering a value exchange in a form of an incentive such as a prize, discount coupon or voucher, increases the overall engagement rate. Therefore we have rolled out Instant Win reward capabilities to almost all Experiences recently and with this release, we are also adding them to Reveal Experiences such as Countdown Reveal, Scavenger Hunt or Advent Calendar.

Update to MX (22 April 2021)

We are working on simplifying settings in NextGen Experiences to lay a good foundation for Next Generation of Experiences. After carefully evaluating usage, we have decided to remove the support for publishing NextGen Experiences to ad units. You can still publish them as social stories, microsites or generate an embed code.

Recurring rewards and updated documentation (24 March 2021)

Our rewards allocation is getting smarter and more efficient every day. With this enhancement, you can decide whether the same reward can be allocated to the same user only once or repeatedly if all other criteria are met. The default for all new rewards is set to non-recurring, which means that a user can only win the same prize once.

Let's imagine you are running a quiz experience and you want users to enter daily for a chance to get 5% off discount code if they reach a specific score. You are happy for them to receive the same discount code repeatedly, so you can now set the reward to be recurring.

Or maybe you have 5 prizes that users can win based on odds that you set up and you are happy for them to win multiple prizes but don't want them to get the same prize again. You can set the reward to be non-recurring (default), which will ensure that users won't win the same prize again. 

If you would like to understand more, please visit: 

Updates to MX (24 March 2021)

We are working on simplifying settings in NextGen (Micro) Experiences to lay a good foundation for Next Generation of Experiences. In this first phase, we have made the following changes: 

  • Removed "choose format" step from the Experience creation wizard - NextGen Experiences can now be published as social story or web embed simultaneously 
  • Removed vertical text alignment support - you can left-center-right align copy but won't be able to move it up or down in the module 
  • Removed inverted style support and controls
  • We will soon be removing the support for publishing NextGen experiences to ad units

Rich Text Editing (17 March 2021)

We are introducing inline text editing tool and support for carriage-returns in NextGen Experiences to allow you to style text easily on the fly. We will support B, I, U, <hyperlink> and carriage returns without any need to define it through HTML. You will be able to see a small text editing sign in the field that supports rich text editing. Simply click or highlight the text you want to edit and the toolbar will appear. 


API keys now available in Account Settings (4 March 2021)

Public and Private API keys are authentication tokens that are unique to all accounts and are used to validate all API requests. Up until recently, the API key was to be requested from the Support Team but it is now available in the Account Settings area and visible to account Admins. 

Rewards in all Experiences (24 February 2021)

Instant Win Experiences are growing in popularity between our customers and their customers alike. The opportunity to reward participation in real-time is appealing and provides a great opportunity to offer an incentive as a value exchange. Up until now, customers were able to use Instant Win Rewards only in selected Experience types. With this enhancement, we have extended the availability of rewards to all our Macro Experiences. To learn more about how to add rewards to your experiences, please visit this article. Enjoy!

Custom Domains (10 February 2021)

By default, experiences published using Cheetah Experiences are available on platform URLs like https://xd.wayin.com or https://x.wayin.com. As part of our ongoing effort to enhance brand continuity and build trust with your audience, you can now publish experiences to one or more of your own branded subdomains. It’s easy to set up custom domains and, once configured, you can publish multiple experiences to each of them. We encourage you to take a few minutes to read more about this exciting update and to take advantage of it for all of your future experiences.

  • To learn more about how you can publish experiences on Custom Domains, please visit this article.
  • If you’d like to set up and configure one or more custom domains against your account, please reach out to the Support Team.

Recognizing Known Users (3rd February 2021) 

This enhancement allows Cheetah Experiences to recognize a user via an external identifier (such as Loyalty Member ID or Messaging ID) and work as a unique identifier in place of an email address. We will now be able to recognize users coming to an experience from a link in an email, through a unique URL from a loyalty program or it can be passed to us from a parent page.
In the future, this foundation work will enable us to hide/show relevant fields based on the known information as well as to utilize segmentation information for further personalization of an Experience. For more information on how to use Customer ID, please visit this article.

Introducing Data Protection Center (14th January 2021) 

Our customers have a responsibility to ensure that they comply with all relevant legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements in the collection, storage, retrieval, and destruction of records. Of particular relevance is the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California's Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) with their requirements concerning the storage, processing, and management of personal data/personal information.

Among others, data regulations cover a right to be forgotten (right for erasure/deletion of records) and a right to access data (information about if and what kind of data an organization holds on the individual). Organizations are required to respond to these requests within the legally required 30-day window.

To allow our customers to respond to above mentioned individual rights in a timely manner, we are introducing a Data Protection Center accessible to Admin users from the Account Settings area. You will be able to view Account Retention, change the number of days user's passwords will be valid for, define universal password for data exports, but most importantly, manage the organizations' data requests by searching for an individual who made the request using their email address and if any record is found, deleting the record.

To learn more about how you can now manage requests around a right to access data and to be forgotten, please visit this article.

Accessibility (November 2020) 

As part of our ongoing effort to make our experiences easily accessible to visually impaired individuals, we have recently released the following enhancements:

  • ARIA Landmarks for easier navigation through an experience 
  • Alternative text support for poll form field
  • Alternative text support for poll results module 

Deprecation notice (29th October 2020) 

We are constantly evaluating the popularity of Experience Library apps and the usage of different platform capabilities to ensure that we are focusing our efforts where it does make a difference to you, our customers. We have recently gone through an evaluation exercise and decided to discontinue support for the following functionality as of November 30th, 2020:

  • Social Sign-in
  • Claim My Content App
  • Milestone Goal App
  • Tilt App
  • Moments App
  • And the following content and data feeds: 
    • Facebook Album Pictures
    • Instagram Mentions
    • Instagram Account Photo Tag
    • RSS Feed
    • Twitter Geo Search
    • Youtube Account
    • Youtube Category Search
    • Instagram Metrics/Data Feed
    • Twitter Metrics/Data Feed
    • Flicker Account
    • VK Page Posts
    • VK Album Images
    • NewsCred Feed
    • Bazaarvoice Feed
    • Lithium Messages
    • Twitter Premium
    • Twitter Favourites

If you've been planning to use any of the above in the near future, please reach out to the Support Team.

Vertical Slide Navigation (14th October 2020)

We know that view to entry conversion is an important metric for all marketers. Therefore our goal is to reduce the number of clicks and steps users have to take to submit an entry and ensuring that they are loving the experience along the way.

We have now released a vertical navigation for slide-based NextGen Experiences with new animated transitions, allowing users to seamlessly progress through an experience by scrolling up or down or using an arrow key, without feeling like they even are filling out a traditional form. 


Custom Time Window for Instant Win Rewards (15th October 2020)

In addition to everyone wins, random, odds-based, daily, and hourly prize allocation options, we have now introduced also the possibility to give away a certain number of rewards during your chosen time window. Prizes will then be distributed using randomly-chosen winning moments within the custom timeframe. 

If you'd like to learn more about Instant Win Rewards, visit How to set up an Instant Win Experience.


Save as Template, build your own library (6th October 2020)

Experience Library has been designed to speed up the ideation and experience-creation process, allowing your teams to focus their efforts on the overall marketing strategy and creative campaign execution instead.

With this release, we are making this process even more tailored to your individual needs, now enabling you to save your selected experience as a template for future use. By saving an experience as a template, you will begin to build your own library of reusable experiences that can be easily found in the Experience Library under "Account Templates" and reused for cyclical marketing events, across brands, by other team members, and more. 

Read all about it in the Introducing Article.


Ability to restrict users from editing a form (6th October 2020)

We understand that to minimize the risk that is attached to data collection, some customers may want to restrict the ability to edit forms within an experience, while still allowing their team members to create, edit and publish beautiful experiences. For that reason, we have introduced a new capability called the "Form Editor". Admin users can remove this capability for specific users, to restrict them from being able to select a new form or edit an existing one. 

Those users who will have the "Form Editor" capability removed will then be able to:

  • Either create an Experience from the Experience Library and use a default form, 
  • Or create an Experience from the Experience Library and request changes to the form from an account Admin, 
  • Or they can create an Experience from a Template with the customized form already in place.  

To learn a bit more about Roles & Capabilities, please visit this article


Introducing Experience Scope in the user settings (6th October 2020)

With the release of "Save as Template" functionality, we are also introducing the ability to restrict access of certain users to the Experience Library. If you want to streamline the experience creation process for a small group of users that should only create experiences from a template, Admins can do so by selecting the "Templates Only" scope in the user role settings. 

This will: 

  • Allow users to only create experiences from templates, 
  • Remove the option to see Experience Library, 
  • Remove the system app selection option in the Create new Experience Screen.

To learn a bit more about Roles & Capabilities, please visit this article


Facebook Publishing Changes (21st September 2020)

Given changes in Facebook's platform, we're simplifying the options for publishing an experience to Facebook. You can continue to publish experiences as Facebook Page Tabs but will no longer be able to publish them as pure Facebook Apps. With this release, the publishing wizard has been simplified to reflect this change. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team who will be happy to help.

Additional fraud prevention capabilities for contests (14th September 2020) 

To prevent users from circumventing voting policies in contests, fraud prevention settings can be enabled. With this release, we are changing the default setting in contests to use Smart CAPTCHA. It dynamically presents the CAPTCHA challenge when entry rate limits are exceeded. Most users won't see the CAPTCHA. We have also enhanced the voting limits per IP address. If you need more information about the limits, please contact your CSM or Support.

Hourly Prize Allocation and Prizes Rollover for Instant Win Rewards (25th August 2020) 

Introducing an easy way to incentivize repeated engagement. You can now give your entrants an opportunity to win a prize every hour. You can select an hourly prize distribution in the setting of your reward and you can also specify the number of rewards available per hour. The system will randomly select winning times, granting a reward to the first user to enter after each winning time. 

In addition to that, to help you manage your prize allocation, we are introducing a prize rollover for hourly and daily rewards. If no prize is given away in that specific timeframe, it will be automatically added to the prizes to be won in the next timeframe. 

It is the perfect way to encourage entrants to enter repeatedly, use progressive data capture to learn more about them over time, and ensure that all your brand prizes are distributed. Learn more about How to set up an Instant Win Experience.

Date Format and Export Changes (11th August 2020) 

We are introducing new date formats for console exports, scheduled exports, and the Export API. This should make it easier to process dates in your local date and time formats. Please carefully review the changes below as they may affect how you process your data.

Exports from the console will soon use a localized date format based on your account locale. For example, for someone in “Europe/Madrid” instead of using the existing format, 2020-04-07T09:45:41 (+1), we will now also use the format for locale es_ES: 7/04/20 9:45:41.

For the Export API, we will be introducing a new version, v4. By default, v4 will return results in standardized ISO format, e.g. 2020-04-07T08:45:41 (yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss), but the API will also support optional parameters to specify a locale and date style. You can review Export API v4 here.

Finally, if you are using Scheduled Exports you will continue to receive the existing format(s) for your exports but you should contact your CSM if you’d like to switch to using another date format.

If you need any further assistance with your data exports, please contact support@wayin.com or your CSM.

Friendly ID for Instant Win Rewards (11th August 2020) 

You can now define a Friendly ID for any Instant Win Reward. Friendly ID a machine-read identifier that is consistent regardless of whether the reward is deleted, recreated, or cloned as part of an experience. It can be used as a consistent identifier for your reward for data integrations, rewards management, loyalty points allocation, and more. 

Instant Win Rewards with richer content (29th July 2020) 

We have added the support for description and call-to-action to our Instant Win rewards, giving you an option to present richer content to your winners, tell them more about the reward they won, and even take them to the next step of your choice. To learn more about setting up an Instant Win Experience, please see this article.



Real-time poll App (19th July 2020) 

Real-time polls can be added to any nextgen-experience and provide immediate feedback as users make their selection. The results are calculated in real-time and can be displayed as a count or percentage. We have also revisited the look & feel of polls and have come up with a range of design options that will make your experiences both beautiful and fun to interact with. You can now find the Real-time poll app in the Experiences Library. If you want to learn more about how to create a real-time poll, please see this article. 


New updates to the Experience Library (19th July 2020) 

We are keeping our word and we are continuing to roll out new features and improvements to the Experience Library. In the past few weeks we have introduced the following: 

  • New banners in the homepage carousel - keeping you in the know about the most relevant marketing content from Cheetah Digital
  • Back button when you visit individual app pages, so you can easily get back to the category screen before (i.e. from Hashtag Giveaway back to Giveaways...) 
  • New vertical icons - we are giving Experience Library a face-lift 

Improved Theme Designer now available for Macro and NextGen (Micro) Experiences (19th July 2020)

Imagine customizing the look and feel of your experiences without any technical resource anytime you change your brand guidelines, for any seasonal marketing event or if you introduce a new sub-brand into your product portfolio. Theme Designer is a powerful tool in the Cheetah Experiences platform allowing you to edit the overall styling of your experiences without any technical knowledge. If you haven’t used it before, read more about How to Customize a Theme. With this release, we have focused on usability enhancements and we have introduced Theme Designer for NextGen Experiences’ themes.

We have simplified the UI to help you make style updates more efficiently. Some of the key enhancements are:

  • Easier font selection, including custom fonts
  • Improved color-picker with quick-preview of the selected color
  • Enhanced drag & drop functionality for design assets
  • More descriptive tooltips to help you understand what kind of values are accepted
  • Theme history now shows exact changes that have been made over time and you can revert the changes at any point
  • For those of you who are more familiar with CSS, any number of values can be changed using simple keyboard commands such as Arrow key Up or Down to change the number by 1, Shift +
  • Up or Down arrow key to change the number by 10, Alt + Up or Down to changed the number by 0.1
  • You can use variables and formulas to automatically adjust a value


You can now also create your customized themes for NextGen Experiences, using one of our default system themes - Tint or Block. NextGen Experiences have a different set of design settings available. If you want to learn more about the ways you can style a NextGen Experience, please see this article that will take you through selecting a theme, choosing the right assets, and explain all the design settings.

New Activities in EDP or Loyalty (29th June 2020)

In this release, we’ve significantly enhanced the integration between Cheetah Experiences and the EDP & Cheetah Loyalty.

Customers can continue to collect first- and zero-party data at scale and send this in real-time into the EDP and to Loyalty but now, we’ll also register an Experience Activity which includes contextual information about the activity the user engaged in.

Customers can use the Experiences Activity to trigger follow-on actions based on properties such as the answers given, the campaign entered, prizes or rewards granted, quiz scores achieved, categories assigned, or recommendations given.

The full power of the EDP, and related Cheetah Digital products, are at your disposal. Use the contextual data to drive segmentation. Unlock an offer, send the coupon code via email or SMS, and use point-of-sale integrations to approve, track and report on follow-on purchases. Reward a high score with Loyalty points. Kick-off an email campaign…

If you are interested in configuring an integration between Cheetah Experiences, EDP and/or Cheetah Loyalty, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

New Studio Apps (27th May 2020)

Studio Team is happy to announce the release of new ways to engage your audience and collect first- and zero-party data, while entertaining your fans. Learn more about Spin to Win, Team Selector, and Pairs Game in the Experience Library. If you are interested in running one of the custom apps, speak to your Customer Success Manager. 

Experience Library 2020 (29th April 2020)

The Cheetah Experience Library is the starting point for all marketers who want to create one of our experiences. It can be used for inspiration and also to get recommendations so you can design the perfect experience to meet your marketing objectives. In order to make this process even more efficient, we have introduced a number of improvements:

  • You can now filter by marketing objective so no matter if you want to build audience profiles, understand purchase intentions or collect authentic content, you can find the right experience, as recommended by our Customer Success team.
  • For those new to the platform, we’ve added a “Getting Started” section featuring our most simple-to-build experiences.
  • You can now hover over an experience to get a quick overview to help you explore the library quickly and efficiently. We also call out the key marketing objective each experience addresses as well as providing information such as skill-level required and popularity.


Based on usage metrics and customer feedback, we have decided to remove some example experiences that were not commonly used, and that duplicated the core competencies of other experiences on offer. Don’t worry, though, no features or functions were hurt in the making of this update!

Over the rest of 2020, we will be making many more updates to the Experience Library and the experiences contained within it. We can’t wait to introduce you to them... keep your eye out for further announcements.

Experience Metadata (29th April 2020)

You can now add an optional step to the experience creation wizard, giving you the chance to set custom metadata values for any experience, for example: the sponsor of your experience, attribution tags, the targeted audience segment or the primary newsletter topic for those who opt-in.

This additional information can be sent to other systems along with each entry to ensure that data is processed appropriately. While you can set the values when creating an experience, you can easily adjust them later by visiting the “Settings” area of your experience.

If you are interested in using this feature, reach out to your CSM or support@wayin.com who can help configure this setting on your account. You will be asked to specify what values you would like to have configured - at present we can support text fields, date fields and dropdowns.

Curate content in Twitter (27th February 2020)

We've added a new social feed that allows you to ingest tweets added to a Twitter List. It's great for in-app curation: a) create a Twitter List, b) setup an auto-publishing Twitter List feed in Cheetah Experiences and then c) add tweets to your Twitter List to have them automatically appear in social walls, carousels and collages. 

To get started, add a new Twitter List feed to your social experience.

Customer Feedback: Goodies (25th February 2020)

We've tackled a few additional feedback items... this time:

  • NextGen-experiences. If you remove all of the fields from a NextGen experience, the form section will now be automatically deactivated and no fields, terms or submit buttons will be presented. Just add a field to the form to reactivate it. 
  • Showcase uploaded videos. If you have video upload enabled in your account, you can now display uploaded videos in social walls, social carousels and collages.
  • Contextual help. Wherever you are in the console, just click on the "?" icon to access contextual help. We'll recommend help articles based on what you're up to but you can also search for others or open a support request if you need to.