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This article is updated regularly with the latest release information. New and updated features are listed first, the latest Efix information has been moved to this article. Updates are normally rolled out within 48 hours of the notification date listed.

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Latest Features and Updates

Say hello to Cheetah Experiences (24th September 2019) 

We've integrated the Cheetah Experiences platform into the family of products at Cheetah Digital. The first thing you'll notice is a new name and a fresh look-and-feel but there's more to Cheetah Experiences than meets the eye.

With Cheetah Digital, marketers now have a comprehensive, end-to-end customer engagement solution to acquire zero- and first-party data, unify it in a single customer view, and put it to work in real-time.


Animated first slide navigation in Micro Experiences (21st August 2019) 

We have introduced an enhancement to Micro Experiences in slide mode. The navigation chevron is now animated, drawing more attention to the next slide for even higher conversation rate of experiences embedded in a page, article or in an ad unit. 


Progressive data capture (1st August 2019) 

With progressive data capture, gradually build out user profiles as they return to the same campaign. Show only unanswered questions to encourage completion. This will allow marketers to build richer profiles over time. See the Introducing article to learn more about this strategic feature.

Discontinuing support for social plugin module (26th July 2019)

Due to the low usage of the social plugin module, we will soon be discontinuing its support. The same functionality can be achieved by adding Facebook social plugin HTML to the HTML module. Exact steps can be found in this article. The same can be easily achieved for comments.

Inter-account cloning (23rd July 2019)

Experience cloning has been a popular feature of the Cheetah Experiences platform for many years now, allowing marketers to create an experience once and then clone, customize, localize and reuse, saving time and precious resources. With this release, customers who have access to more than one account in the Cheetah Experiences Platform will be able to clone experiences from one account to another, making it even easier to roll out campaigns across markets and brands. Read more about cloning here.


Discontinuing support for LinkedIn feeds (June 12th 2019) 

Due to the low usage of LinkedIn feeds, we have discontinued the support for retrieving content from LinkedIn.

App Store is now Experience Library (20th May 2019) 
We gathered feedback on the Cheetah Experiences App Store and have decided to make a number of improvements to it. 

Above all, we felt we needed a new name that better reflects what the Cheetah Experiences App Store really is and decided to rename it the Experience Library. 

You can still find it in the top navigation menu and explore the wide range of experiences that live there. Don't forget to check out the Custom tab for ideas that our Studio Team can help you deliver. 

Accessibility (March & April 2019) 
As part of our ongoing effort to make our experiences easily accessible to visually impaired individuals, we have recently released the following enhancements: 
  • Improved sharing icons so they clearly state to users using screen reader what the icon means (i.e. Twitter icon = Share to Twitter)
  • Alternative text for Header 
  • Alternative text for Callout module
  • Alternative text for Image module 
  • Alternative text for Video module 
  • Form field's input is programmatically set and allows for auto complete
Improvements to date setting UI for Contests (11th April 2019)
Contests are a very popular experience type that can ask your fans to enter and vote on great UGC, uploaded via a form.Photos uploaded to the contest can then either be judged by a jury, voted on by the public, or both. You can also introduce different phases to the campaign: entry phase, judging, voting and winner announcement, lengthening the lifespan of this highly engaging experience.
To simplify a process of setting up Content Phases, we have removed the need to specify an end date for each phase so that each phase ends automatically when new phase starts. To learn more about contests and its phases, please read this article
Changes to supported file upload types  (11th March 2019)
We will be discontinuing support for file uploads. In the past, the User Upload field supported many different file types but, due to potential security risks related to malware in file types that allow macros or JavaScript, we have decided to discontinue its support. You will still be able to use image uploads (jpg, png., jpeg or gif) or the User Comment field for submissions of short stories and essays.
Introducing Icon image for Micro Experiences (31st January 2019)
Icon image is a new image type suited to display icons and smaller brand logos (i.e. 100 x 100 px) and that look great when used in an ad unit. Icon image is a type of image that doesn't go full bleed but stays contained and close to your impactful headline. Headline module now only allows for Icon Image. Icon Image has also been added to the Callout where it can be used together with feature image.
Image size controls for feature images in Micro Experiences (31st January 2019)

We have introduced the same image settings that were up until now only available for Background images. You can now define the following settings for any feature image:

  • Cover automatically fills space while maintaining aspect ratio. The focus will be on the center of the image. Cover is ideal for ​large impactful images that fill the entire container, the focus of the image is on the centre and if part of the image is cropped, it won't affect the ​experience.
  • Contain scales image to maintain its aspect ratio while fitting within the given space. It is ideal for use of irregular design assets and product images. Ideal for irregularly sized images and artsy design assets or product images that should fit in the given space without being cropped.
  • Native, use an actual image size. Ideal when publishing content to ad units and when using design assets created for a specific publishing destination and size.


Enhanced Insights for Micro Experiences (18th January 2019) 
With introduction of native publishing of experiences into ad units, we decided to improve and enhance the Cheetah Experiences existing reporting capabilities and insights. When you visit Insights in any of your Micro Experiences, you will be able to review the following: 
  • Views = Total number of views for the selected time period.
  • Interactions = Total number of interactions with the experience for the selected time period. Only the first interaction is measured and example of an interaction is when user clicks on a "next" slide navigation in your experience.
  • Entries = Total number of successful entries. 
  • Click-throughs = Total number of click-throughs to an external URL.
  • Interaction rate = Total number if views that resulted in an interaction.
  • Click-through rate = Total number of interactions that resulted in a click-though.
  • Entry rate = Total number of interactions that resulted in an entry. 
Changes to Instagram Feeds and in-network experiences (10th December 2018) 
As previously announced in this article, earlier this year, Instagram introduced a new Instagram Graph API, along with plans to retire their existing Instagram API. As a result, we have made number of changes that may impact how you use Cheetah Experiences to manage Instagram feeds or channels, or you use hashtag competitions.

We have introduced new Instagram Hashtag Feed, Instagram Hashtag Metric Feed and Instagram Business Account Feed with a new authentication flow. Instagram only allows users to authenticate feeds under the following conditions:

  • You need to sign-in using a Facebook account
  • The Facebook account must have a role on a Facebook page
  • The Facebook page must be associated with an Instagram Business Account

We have removed the ability to create a legacy Instagram Feed and feeds that are already set up can be viewed and deleted, but can no longer be re-authenticated. 

Advanced Hashtag Giveaway, Hashtag Giveaway, Instagram Giveaway and Claim My Content experiences where users can enter via Instagram now require user to enter using hashtag and mention your Instagram Business Account. This will bring the Instagram entry process inline with the Twitter one where we already require users to include both items (hashtag and mention).
For more detailed information about the changes, please red this article. 
Download images and gifs from the content moderation (10th December 2018) 
Often times marketing teams will run photo contests or hashtag contests so that they can take the best image asset and re-purpose them in their other marketing initiatives (e.g. post on landing pages, re-post on their social accounts, etc.). We have added the ability to download UGC (image or gif) directly from the moderation workspace.
Launch timing screen removed from experience creation wizard (10th December 2018) 
We have simplified the experience creation flow and removed launch timing step where you would typically decide whether you want to schedule the experience to go live or decide about it later. You can approve, publish, schedule or expire experience in Publishing.  
Simplified Entries Grid and Enhanced Content Moderation (29th November 2018) 
Following a roll out of new roles & permissions in the Cheetah Experiences platform, we are introducing a simplified entries grid for PII Date Viewers who can now simply view and invalidate entries. 
If experience has user-generated content (i.e. Photo Giveaway, Caption Contest, Hashtag Giveaways...) as part of an entry, UGC Moderators will be able to view and moderate the content in Curate & Review section. For this purpose, we have enhanced existing Content Moderation area with the following: 
  • New Advanced filters
    • Filter by winner status 
    • Filter by number of votes
    • Filter by rating

  • New actions in Content Moderation for UGC content
    • Assign Winner Category
    • Add rating
    • Edit headline, caption, thumbnail and main asset

To approve (publish) a piece of UGC received an entry, visit the Curate & Review section in your experience and click on Approve. Visit this article to learn more about Content Moderation in general or this article in relation to the new changes.

If an experience does not have entries with UGC (i.e. Quiz, Poll, Instant Win...), Curate & Review section will not be included. 
Disabled feed notification (16th November 2018) 
When a social feed has been disabled due to errors (i.e. authentication of feed is needed, feed has been inactive for a long period of time and been disabled...), the account contacts will receive an email notification with necessary details.
Filter content items by media type (31st October 2018) 
You can now filter content in the Content Moderation screen by media type. You can decide if you want to see only content that includes media, gif, video, no media or all of the above. 
Ability to set a locale on Campaign Level (31st October 2018) 
All campaigns have a default locale set based on the account level setting. We are now introducing the ability to set a locale on individual campaign level. Just navigate to the Settings in your experience and select a locale for your experience. Don't forget that you can update Labels & Translations for each locale, more information is here
Experiences & Collection Names Truncation (10th October 2018) 
We have fixed issues with Experience and Collection names being truncated too early and added tooltip that let's you preview even the longest name. 
Reveal Campaign Enhancements (17th September 2018) 
In addition to recently released new ordering options for Reveal campaigns, we are also introducing number of usability enhancements that make it easier for user’s of the platform to set up and manage reveals, including sorting option and preview functionality. 
Save time and protect your social media feeds (6th September 2018) 
The Cheetah Experiences team has just added a few tools to help you and your team better manage your social feeds. Now, when you are setting up your social feed which tells us what content to pull in content from Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can add an end date when your campaign is complete. This will automatically pause your feed when your campaign is over so you  won’t be using your capacity to track content that you don’t need. This will also help to reduce your risk of being rate limited by the social network which can impact other social experiences in your account. We have also introduced a new set of feed types so you can specify how often you want Cheetah Experiences to look for new content.