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Latest Release Notes

This article is updated regularly with the latest features and changes to the platform. Efix information is listed separately in this article. Note that updates are normally rolled out within a few days of the notification date listed.

Latest Features and Updates

Accessibility (November 2020) 

As part of our ongoing effort to make our experiences easily accessible to visually impaired individuals, we have recently released the following enhancements:

  • ARIA Landmarks for easier navigation through an experience 
  • Alternative text support for poll form field
  • Alternative text support for poll results module 

Deprecation notice (29th October 2020) 

We are constantly evaluating the popularity of Experience Library apps and the usage of different platform capabilities to ensure that we are focusing our efforts where it does make a difference to you, our customers. We have recently gone through an evaluation exercise and decided to discontinue support for the following functionality as of November 30th, 2020:

  • Social Sign-in
  • Claim My Content App
  • Milestone Goal App
  • Tilt App
  • Moments App
  • And the following content and data feeds: 
    • Facebook Album Pictures
    • Instagram Mentions
    • Instagram Account Photo Tag
    • RSS Feed
    • Twitter Geo Search
    • Youtube Account
    • Youtube Category Search
    • Instagram Metrics/Data Feed
    • Twitter Metrics/Data Feed
    • Flicker Account
    • VK Page Posts
    • VK Album Images
    • NewsCred Feed
    • Bazaarvoice Feed
    • Lithium Messages
    • Twitter Premium
    • Twitter Favourites

If you've been planning to use any of the above in the near future, please reach out to the Support Team.

Vertical Slide Navigation (14th October 2020)

We know that view to entry conversion is an important metric for all marketers. Therefore our goal is to reduce the number of clicks and steps users have to take to submit an entry and ensuring that they are loving the experience along the way.

We have now released a vertical navigation for slide-based Micro Experiences with new animated transitions, allowing users to seamlessly progress through an experience by scrolling up or down or using an arrow key, without feeling like they even are filling out a traditional form. 


Custom Time Window for Instant Win Rewards (15th October 2020)

In addition to everyone wins, random, odds-based, daily, and hourly prize allocation options, we have now introduced also the possibility to give away a certain number of rewards during your chosen time window. Prizes will then be distributed using randomly-chosen winning moments within the custom timeframe. 

If you'd like to learn more about Instant Win Rewards, visit How to set up an Instant Win Experience.


Save as Template, build your own library (6th October 2020)

Experience Library has been designed to speed up the ideation and experience-creation process, allowing your teams to focus their efforts on the overall marketing strategy and creative campaign execution instead.

With this release, we are making this process even more tailored to your individual needs, now enabling you to save your selected experience as a template for future use. By saving an experience as a template, you will begin to build your own library of reusable experiences that can be easily found in the Experience Library under "Account Templates" and reused for cyclical marketing events, across brands, by other team members, and more. 

Read all about it in the Introducing Article.


Ability to restrict users from editing a form (6th October 2020)

We understand that to minimize the risk that is attached to data collection, some customers may want to restrict the ability to edit forms within an experience, while still allowing their team members to create, edit and publish beautiful experiences. For that reason, we have introduced a new capability called the "Form Editor". Admin users can remove this capability for specific users, to restrict them from being able to select a new form or edit an existing one. 

Those users who will have the "Form Editor" capability removed will then be able to:

  • Either create an Experience from the Experience Library and use a default form, 
  • Or create an Experience from the Experience Library and request changes to the form from an account Admin, 
  • Or they can create an Experience from a Template with the customized form already in place.  

To learn a bit more about Roles & Capabilities, please visit this article


Introducing Experience Scope in the user settings (6th October 2020)

With the release of "Save as Template" functionality, we are also introducing the ability to restrict access of certain users to the Experience Library. If you want to streamline the experience creation process for a small group of users that should only create experiences from a template, Admins can do so by selecting the "Templates Only" scope in the user role settings. 

This will: 

  • Allow users to only create experiences from templates, 
  • Remove the option to see Experience Library, 
  • Remove the system app selection option in the Create new Experience Screen.

To learn a bit more about Roles & Capabilities, please visit this article


Facebook Publishing Changes (21st September 2020)

Given changes in Facebook's platform, we're simplifying the options for publishing an experience to Facebook. You can continue to publish experiences as Facebook Page Tabs but will no longer be able to publish them as pure Facebook Apps. With this release, the publishing wizard has been simplified to reflect this change. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team who will be happy to help.

Additional fraud prevention capabilities for contests (14th September 2020) 

To prevent users from circumventing voting policies in contests, fraud prevention settings can be enabled. With this release, we are changing the default setting in contests to use Smart CAPTCHA. It dynamically presents the CAPTCHA challenge when entry rate limits are exceeded. Most users won't see the CAPTCHA. We have also enhanced the voting limits per IP address. If you need more information about the limits, please contact your CSM or Support.

Hourly Prize Allocation and Prizes Rollover for Instant Win Rewards (25th August 2020) 

Introducing an easy way to incentivize repeated engagement. You can now give your entrants an opportunity to win a prize every hour. You can select an hourly prize distribution in the setting of your reward and you can also specify the number of rewards available per hour. The system will randomly select winning times, granting a reward to the first user to enter after each winning time. 

In addition to that, to help you manage your prize allocation, we are introducing a prize rollover for hourly and daily rewards. If no prize is given away in that specific timeframe, it will be automatically added to the prizes to be won in the next timeframe. 

It is the perfect way to encourage entrants to enter repeatedly, use progressive data capture to learn more about them over time, and ensure that all your brand prizes are distributed. Learn more about How to set up an Instant Win Experience.

Date Format and Export Changes (11th August 2020) 

We are introducing new date formats for console exports, scheduled exports, and the Export API. This should make it easier to process dates in your local date and time formats. Please carefully review the changes below as they may affect how you process your data.

Exports from the console will soon use a localized date format based on your account locale. For example, for someone in “Europe/Madrid” instead of using the existing format, 2020-04-07T09:45:41 (+1), we will now also use the format for locale es_ES: 7/04/20 9:45:41.

For the Export API, we will be introducing a new version, v4. By default, v4 will return results in standardized ISO format, e.g. 2020-04-07T08:45:41 (yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss), but the API will also support optional parameters to specify a locale and date style. You can review Export API v4 here.

Finally, if you are using Scheduled Exports you will continue to receive the existing format(s) for your exports but you should contact your CSM if you’d like to switch to using another date format.

If you need any further assistance with your data exports, please contact support@wayin.com or your CSM.

Friendly ID for Instant Win Rewards (11th August 2020) 

You can now define a Friendly ID for any Instant Win Reward. Friendly ID a machine-read identifier that is consistent regardless of whether the reward is deleted, recreated, or cloned as part of an experience. It can be used as a consistent identifier for your reward for data integrations, rewards management, loyalty points allocation, and more. 

Instant Win Rewards with richer content (29th July 2020) 

We have added the support for description and call-to-action to our Instant Win rewards, giving you an option to present richer content to your winners, tell them more about the reward they won, and even take them to the next step of your choice. To learn more about setting up an Instant Win Experience, please see this article.



Real-time poll App (19th July 2020) 

Real-time polls can be added to any micro-experience and provide immediate feedback as users make their selection. The results are calculated in real-time and can be displayed as a count or percentage. We have also revisited the look & feel of polls and have come up with a range of design options that will make your experiences both beautiful and fun to interact with. You can now find the Real-time poll app in the Experiences Library. If you want to learn more about how to create a real-time poll, please see this article. 


New updates to the Experience Library (19th July 2020) 

We are keeping our word and we are continuing to roll out new features and improvements to the Experience Library. In the past few weeks we have introduced the following: 

  • New banners in the homepage carousel - keeping you in the know about the most relevant marketing content from Cheetah Digital
  • Back button when you visit individual app pages, so you can easily get back to the category screen before (i.e. from Hashtag Giveaway back to Giveaways...) 
  • New vertical icons - we are giving Experience Library a face-lift 

Improved Theme Designer now available for Macro and Micro Experiences (19th July 2020)

Imagine customizing the look and feel of your experiences without any technical resource anytime you change your brand guidelines, for any seasonal marketing event or if you introduce a new sub-brand into your product portfolio. Theme Designer is a powerful tool in the Cheetah Experiences platform allowing you to edit the overall styling of your experiences without any technical knowledge. If you haven’t used it before, read more about How to Customize a Theme. With this release, we have focused on usability enhancements and we have introduced Theme Designer for Micro Experiences’ themes.

We have simplified the UI to help you make style updates more efficiently. Some of the key enhancements are:

  • Easier font selection, including custom fonts
  • Improved color-picker with quick-preview of the selected color
  • Enhanced drag & drop functionality for design assets
  • More descriptive tooltips to help you understand what kind of values are accepted
  • Theme history now shows exact changes that have been made over time and you can revert the changes at any point
  • For those of you who are more familiar with CSS, any number of values can be changed using simple keyboard commands such as Arrow key Up or Down to change the number by 1, Shift +
  • Up or Down arrow key to change the number by 10, Alt + Up or Down to changed the number by 0.1
  • You can use variables and formulas to automatically adjust a value


You can now also create your customized themes for Micro Experiences, using one of our default system themes - Tint or Block. Micro Experiences have a different set of design settings available. If you want to learn more about the ways you can style a Micro Experience, please see this article that will take you through selecting a theme, choosing the right assets, and explain all the design settings.

New Activities in EDP or Loyalty (29th June 2020)

In this release, we’ve significantly enhanced the integration between Cheetah Experiences and the EDP & Cheetah Loyalty.

Customers can continue to collect first- and zero-party data at scale and send this in real-time into the EDP and to Loyalty but now, we’ll also register an Experience Activity which includes contextual information about the activity the user engaged in.

Customers can use the Experiences Activity to trigger follow-on actions based on properties such as the answers given, the campaign entered, prizes or rewards granted, quiz scores achieved, categories assigned, or recommendations given.

The full power of the EDP, and related Cheetah Digital products, are at your disposal. Use the contextual data to drive segmentation. Unlock an offer, send the coupon code via email or SMS, and use point-of-sale integrations to approve, track and report on follow-on purchases. Reward a high score with Loyalty points. Kick-off an email campaign…

If you are interested in configuring an integration between Cheetah Experiences, EDP and/or Cheetah Loyalty, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

New Studio Apps (27th May 2020)

Studio Team is happy to announce the release of new ways to engage your audience and collect first- and zero-party data, while entertaining your fans. Learn more about Spin to Win, Team Selector, and Pairs Game in the Experience Library. If you are interested in running one of the custom apps, speak to your Customer Success Manager. 

Experience Library 2020 (29th April 2020)

The Cheetah Experience Library is the starting point for all marketers who want to create one of our experiences. It can be used for inspiration and also to get recommendations so you can design the perfect experience to meet your marketing objectives. In order to make this process even more efficient, we have introduced a number of improvements:

  • You can now filter by marketing objective so no matter if you want to build audience profiles, understand purchase intentions or collect authentic content, you can find the right experience, as recommended by our Customer Success team.
  • For those new to the platform, we’ve added a “Getting Started” section featuring our most simple-to-build experiences.
  • You can now hover over an experience to get a quick overview to help you explore the library quickly and efficiently. We also call out the key marketing objective each experience addresses as well as providing information such as skill-level required and popularity.


Based on usage metrics and customer feedback, we have decided to remove some example experiences that were not commonly used, and that duplicated the core competencies of other experiences on offer. Don’t worry, though, no features or functions were hurt in the making of this update!

Over the rest of 2020, we will be making many more updates to the Experience Library and the experiences contained within it. We can’t wait to introduce you to them... keep your eye out for further announcements.

Experience Metadata (29th April 2020)

You can now add an optional step to the experience creation wizard, giving you the chance to set custom metadata values for any experience, for example: the sponsor of your experience, attribution tags, the targeted audience segment or the primary newsletter topic for those who opt-in.

This additional information can be sent to other systems along with each entry to ensure that data is processed appropriately. While you can set the values when creating an experience, you can easily adjust them later by visiting the “Settings” area of your experience.

If you are interested in using this feature, reach out to your CSM or support@wayin.com who can help configure this setting on your account. You will be asked to specify what values you would like to have configured - at present we can support text fields, date fields and dropdowns.

Curate content in Twitter (27th February 2020)

We've added a new social feed that allows you to ingest tweets added to a Twitter List. It's great for in-app curation: a) create a Twitter List, b) setup an auto-publishing Twitter List feed in Cheetah Experiences and then c) add tweets to your Twitter List to have them automatically appear in social walls, carousels and collages. 

To get started, add a new Twitter List feed to your social experience.

Customer Feedback: Goodies (25th February 2020)

We've tackled a few additional feedback items... this time:

  • Micro-experiences. If you remove all of the fields from a micro-experience, the form section will now be automatically deactivated and no fields, terms or submit buttons will be presented. Just add a field to the form to reactivate it. 
  • Showcase uploaded videos. If you have video upload enabled in your account, you can now display uploaded videos in social walls, social carousels and collages.
  • Contextual help. Wherever you are in the console, just click on the "?" icon to access contextual help. We'll recommend help articles based on what you're up to but you can also search for others or open a support request if you need to.

Customer Feedback: Goodies (20th January 2020)

We've tackled a few additional feedback items... this time:

  • Real-time Polls. You can now export poll results via the API or directly from the Insights area of your experience.
  • UGC Moderation. When you select a winner in the UGC moderation workspace, your selections and changes are recorded in Winner Management. You'll see a new "UGC Draw" in the "Winners" area of your experience and can quickly review all winners, invalidate or revalidate them as well as export winner details directly from this area. Winner status will continue to be reflected in the associated entry record too.

A more rewarding experience (18th December 2019)

Today, we're introducing further enhancements related to rewards, coupons and prizes:

  • Instant Coupons. Coupon experiences now support all of the distribution options available in Instant Win experiences... mix and match limited-availability daily coupons, odds-based coupons, and everyone-wins-something coupons. Even have coupons that are only unlocked when you achieve a particular score or fall in a specific score-range! 
  • Who won what? We've made it easier to see what each entrant has been rewarded. Simply go to the Entries grid and you'll see a new filter on the left called "Granted Rewards". Here, you can filter the list of entries to those that received any reward or those that received a particular one. You can see further details about their reward by clicking on the entry and viewing the "Granted Rewards" section of their entry details.

    Granted Reward Details
  • Well Done Notification. We've introduced a new email notification which is sent to entrants that are lucky enough to win a prize / reward / coupon. To help personalize the email, you can use our new tokens to add entrant details as well as describe the reward they received. 
  • Entry Invalidated Notification. We've also introduced a new email notification which is sent to entrants that you invalidate from the Entries grid. This lets a user know that their entry didn't meet the terms and conditions prior to prize fulfilment. 

 Enjoy. We would like to wish you all a Happy and *Rewarding* Holiday Season!

Introducing Real-time Polls (11th December 2019)

Polls are one of the most popular experiences in the Cheetah Experiences Platform. A poll question can be added to any experience type and it is a great interactive element that helps marketers understand the consumer preferences, gather useful feedback, allowing audiences to express their opinion and provide entertainment. Over the next few weeks, we will be upgrading customer accounts to support a new interactive poll format we call "real-time polls":

Example Real-time Poll

Real-time polls can be added to any micro-experience and provide immediate feedback as users make their selection. They introduce new display options and have much greater visual impact. Read more about them in the Introducing Real-time Polls article.

Introducing the New Form Designer (11th December 2019)

In January, we'll be rolling out our new Form Designer to all customers. We have improved the usability and user experience as well as introduced a few updates: 

  • Easier setup - all essential settings can now be found under the “Settings” tab 
  • We've removed some fields that weren’t very popular - Data dropdown, Date, Time and Rating
  • Timed and Rotating Quizzes have been simplified but you can still randomly order questions, have daily questions, use a countdown timer and control the number of lives available
  • We've introduced alt-text support for all images uploaded to quiz questions
  • We've introduced a new form creation flow which you can read about here


To learn more about creating and editing forms as well as the different types of fields available, please visit our Understanding Forms article.

Introducing instant daily prizes (10th December 2019)

You can now distribute prizes based on odds (e.g. 1 in 100), as instant daily prizes (e.g. 2 per day), via prize-draws (per day, per week or at the end of your promotion) and as "everyone wins" consolation prizes. Best of all, you can mix-and-match prize methods and eligibility criteria to build a range of incentives including prize unlocks... 

  • We're giving away 5 signed copies every day!
  • You've a 1 in 20 chance of winning a $15 coupon to use in-store or online!
  • A real foodie? Score over 90% for a chance to win our mystery bonus prize!
  • Everyone will win something!
  • And, each week we'll randomly draw two lucky entrants out of the hat to join us in the studio!

To use daily prizes in your next instant win experience, simply select the "Daily" option for one or more of your rewards. If you need any assistance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager!

Protect your account with Two-Factor Authentication (9th December 2019)

Two-factor authentication helps reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your Cheetah Experiences account. It does this by requiring you to enter a passcode that is generated on your smartphone. Once enabled, it is extremely difficult for a remote attacker to gain access to your account without getting hold of your email/password combination and also the device used to generate passcodes.

Sign in with passcode

Find out how to secure your account in our Introducing Two-Factor Authentication article.

Customer Feedback: Goodies (27th November 2019)

Just a note to say that we've tackled a few other feedback items... this time:

  • Theme Designer. We've improved the readability and contrast of the Theme Designer
  • UGC Moderation. You're no longer jumped to the top of the list when you perform an action in the "Curate & Review" / "UGC Moderation" workspace... you stay exactly where you were so you can carry on reviewing and moderating to your heart's content.

Enhanced Experiences List (12th November 2019)

Based on customer feedback, we've reworked the Experiences List screen allowing you to search on more attributes and to filter the results so you can look for expired experiences created by a particular user, for example. The results are now sortable and, for those of you who love naming standards, there's even more space reserved for your experiences' names.

Perhaps best of all, the list is now significantly faster than before. 


Enhanced Data Retention (4th November 2019)

Automatic data retention for 3, 6 or 12 months... for scheduled and evergreen experiences.


One important principle of Data Protection is ensuring personal data is only held for as long is as necessary. This reduces the volume of personal data under management, removes out-of-date and stale data and, in the event of a data breach, reduces the scale and impact on our customers and the data subjects / consumers themselves.

With this release, we are enhancing our automated data retention capabilities by supporting customizable retention periods and giving you greater insight into how long data is retained per experience. You can read more about this important release in Introducing Enhanced Data Retention.

Cheetah Login & App Switching (30th October 2019)

Login once and access all that Cheetah Digital has to offer.

Cheetah Digital provides marketers with a comprehensive customer engagement solution to acquire zero- and first-party data, unify it in a single customer view, and put it to work in real-time. Now, you can use a single username and password to login to Cheetah Digital and then easily switch between the various components of the solution using our new App Switcher!


Score and Win! (24th October 2019)

Performance-based prizes, tiered rewards or improved odds depending on score!

You can now use a quiz form with Instant Win experiences and reward users with different prizes based on their score! This helps drive participation and encourages users to pay particular attention to any marketing messaging and content related to the promotion in an attempt to improve their score.

One of our early adopter customers even used the quiz to ask a series of questions and then segment users into groups based on score... offering tailored prizes to each segment. Staying in tonight? Offer a movie rental or a coupon for chips and dips. Hitting the town? Offer a chance to win free movie theatre tickets or a restaurant coupon!


To use this feature, simply add a quiz form to your instant win experience and then configure a score range for one or more reward. If you need any assistance, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager!

Customer Feedback: Goodies (16th October 2019)

The CSM grapevine, the bar at Signals, those "one more thing..." moments at the end of customer calls... we receive a steady stream of feedback from customers about the big things they love and the little things they don't. In this release, we tackle a few of the most commonly raised items. Stay tuned... there's more to come!

  • Code Editors. We've improved the syntax highlighting and contrast of our CSS and JS editors
  • Video Download. You can now download original videos when you run a Video Upload Contest
  • Slide Navigation. We've improved how slide navigation works on smaller screens / in smaller places
  • Slide Progress. We've made the slide progress bar more prominent and improved its animation
  • Quiz Emails. We've added quiz result tokens to our email notifications so you can include them in emails. We've also added uid, referrer and challenge question tokens to email notifications; and...

Delve Deep into Experience Analytics (9th October 2019)

Understand how users interact with your experiences, down to the field level.

You can now take advantage of enhanced analytics using your preferred analytics platform such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. You'll find a range of new events available to help you understand the effectiveness of your experience and every element within it... whether that is to understand drop-off rates as users interact with form fields or to closely monitor the effectiveness of each of your call-to-actions.


If you'd like to learn more about Enhanced Analytics, please check out the Introducing Enhanced Analytics article.

Actionable Data: Right Time, Right Place (1st October 2019)

Zero-party data seamlessly integrated across all components of the Cheetah Digital solution.

Sameer Kazi, CEO of Cheetah Digital announced at Signals: "Cheetah Experiences is the world leader in helping marketers acquire opted-in data at scale, and now combined with our enterprise cross-channel marketing platform, marketers are able to put that data to work in real-time with hyper-personalized experiences across all channels."

To achieve this, we've been hard at work ensuring that data collected via Cheetah Experiences is available, in real-time, within the other components of the Cheetah Digital solution so that you're ready to take the next step in building relationships with individual customers without delay. Across all of the Cheetah Digital products, you can now access contact information, preferences and traits consumers share with you via Cheetah Experiences including any marketing and compliance preferences they provide so that you can act upon the data immediately whilst respecting the wishes of each and every customer. 


If you'd like to get this up and running in your accounts, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Say hello to Cheetah Experiences! (24th September 2019) 

We've integrated the Wayin platform into the family of products at Cheetah Digital!

The first thing you'll notice is a new name and a fresh look-and-feel but there's more to Cheetah Experiences than meets the eye. With Cheetah Digital, marketers now have a comprehensive, end-to-end customer engagement solution to acquire zero- and first-party data, unify it in a single customer view, and put it to work in real-time. 


Animated first slide navigation in Micro Experiences (21st August 2019) 

We have introduced an enhancement to Micro Experiences in slide mode. As you can see in the example below, the navigation chevron is now animated, drawing more attention to the next slide for even higher conversation rate of experiences embedded in a page, article or in an ad unit. 


Progressive data capture (1st August 2019) 

With progressive data capture, you can gradually build out richer profiles as users return to your experiences. Hide questions that have already been answered by a user to reduce fatigue and encourage completion of all profiling fields. This allows marketers to build richer profiles over time. See the Introducing Progressive Data Capture article to learn more about this strategic feature.


Discontinuing support for social plugin module (26th July 2019)

Due to the low usage of the social plugin module, we will soon be discontinuing its support. The same functionality can be achieved by adding Facebook social plugin HTML to the HTML module. Exact steps can be found in this article. The same can be easily achieved for comments.

Inter-account cloning (23rd July 2019)

Experience cloning has been a popular feature of the Cheetah Experiences platform for many years, allowing marketers to create an experience once and then clone, customize, localize and reuse it, saving time and resources. Now, customers who have access to more than one account will be able to clone experiences from one account to another, making it even easier to roll out campaigns across markets and brands. You can read more about cloning here.


App Store is now Experience Library (20th May 2019) 

We gathered feedback on the Cheetah Experiences App Store and have decided to make a number of improvements to it. Above all, we felt we needed a new name that better reflects what the Cheetah Experiences App Store really is and decided to rename it the Experience Library. You can still find it in the top navigation menu and explore the wide range of experiences that live there.


Don't forget to check out the Custom tab for ideas that our Studio Team can help you deliver!

Accessibility (March & April 2019) 

As part of our ongoing effort to make our experiences easily accessible to visually impaired individuals, we have recently released the following enhancements:

  • Improved sharing icons so they clearly state to users using screen reader what the icon means (i.e. Twitter icon = Share to Twitter)
  • Alternative text for Header 
  • Alternative text for Callout module
  • Alternative text for Image module 
  • Alternative text for Video module 
  • Form field's input is programmatically set and allows for auto complete

Improvements to date setting UI for Contests (11th April 2019)

Contests are a very popular experience type that can ask your fans to enter and vote on great UGC, uploaded via a form.Photos uploaded to the contest can then either be judged by a jury, voted on by the public, or both. You can also introduce different phases to the campaign: entry phase, judging, voting and winner announcement, lengthening the lifespan of this highly engaging experience.

To simplify a process of setting up Content Phases, we have removed the need to specify an end date for each phase so that each phase ends automatically when new phase starts. To learn more about contests and phases, please read this article.

Changes to supported file upload types  (11th March 2019)

We will be discontinuing support for file uploads. In the past, the User Upload field supported many different file types but, due to potential security risks related to malware in file types that allow macros or JavaScript, we have decided to discontinue its support. You will still be able to use image uploads (jpg, png., jpeg or gif) or the User Comment field for submissions of short stories and essays.