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How to: Add translations for common experience labels

This article will walk you through how to change the text labels that appear throughout your experience campaigns. 

What to do

Follow these steps to select a language you wish to add translations for...

  1. From the Dashboard, click Settings and select Labels & Translations.
  2. In the top right you will see the Locale drop-down, select a language/region that you wish to have your label change apply to, for example change this to German (Germany), to have your custom labels appear to users with this language/region in their browser. If after changing the locale you see that the Default label does not change, this will be because we do not have a default translation available and one will need to be placed into the Custom Label field.

Follow these steps to change a label...

  1. Within Labels & Translations still, you will see a three columned table, the first column of the table is the label Name / Description, the second column is the Default Label text and column three is for the Custom Label.
  2. Locate the label you wish to change by scrolling or searching (the top bar, where it says Start typing to search).
  3. Once you've located the label, click in the Custom Label field to edit, enter the new label and press Enter.
  4. Once you have updated your Custom Label, click outside Custom Label field to save your change.
    To remove the custom label and revert back to the default label, follow the above steps and again once you have double clicked and the text box has appeared, delete the text click outside the area, this will save the change.