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How to: Manage tab on Facebook Page

Facebook allows you to configure your business app or rearrange it. This article will guide you through on how to edit, remove and rearrange your Facebook app. 

What to do

From your Facebook page, perform the following.

  1. Click Settings on the top Facebook navigation bar. 
  2. Click Templates & Tabs, then click button settings to the right of the tab and make your changes. On this tab, you have an option to turn off the app if you don't want users to see the app on your page. 
  3. To change the tab name, select edit settings, the text box to the right of Custom tab name and change the text.
  4. To add or remove, select the appropriate option. You can also change the order of your Facebook Page tabs views by positioning your mouse on the dotted area to the left and dragging each tab into the desired order.
  5. Click Save and then OK when you are finished.

Reference video: