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Understanding: Voting Options

This article will explain the various voting options. To include voting in your experience you must enable the option both in the Social Wall or Entries module and in the Settings area. 

What to do

Once you have selected a flow that has voting as an option you will then need to fill in the following:

  1. Voting style - The voting style is comprised of 4 options:
    • Counter + Share  This allows one vote per item and prompt user to share to Facebook wall
    • Counter + CTA  This allows one vote per item and display call to action & vote message
    • Counter - A user can vote a number of time(s) per item.  
    • Global Counter A user can vote a number times during the campaign at any time(s)
  2. Voting Frequency - This field sets how long you wish for voting to be available.  There are three options: Duration of the campaign, Daily and Weekly.

Enable voting in Social Wall or Entries module

  1. Open Pages from the main area of your experience.
  2. Click Edit on the Page where your Social Wall or Entries module has been placed, normally this will be a Gallery page, but can be wherever you previously or plan to place one.
  3. Edit the Social Wall/Entries module, in the bottom left under User Controls you will see an option called Enable voting configuration defined in Experience Settings, this will then allow visitors to your experience to vote on the published items (For Contest experiences, Vote will not be visible unless the experience is in the Voting phase and if applicable, content has been marked with a Winner Category).


Fraudulent voting controls

Once you have selected a voting style option you will then be given access to the fraud controls.


  • Authenticated voting. The users will be required to authenticate by using their Facebook login. 
  • Enable Captcha.
    The users will be required to complete a captcha to vote. The captcha is consist of three options: 
    • Basic : This will limit entries per second and minute by IP address.
      Always ask for CAPTCHA : This will present captcha challenge to all users and limit entries by IP address. 
    • Smart CAPTCHA : This dynamically present captcha challenge when entry rate limit exceeded. 

Our recommendation for high stakes voting experiences

For maximum fraud prevention we recommend you use Always ask for CAPTCHA. Authenticate votes can also help, but will require a use to login to Facebook if they are not already logged in.