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How to: Use Rewards in Giveaways, Contests, Polls and Quizzes

This article provides a guide to using Rewards in supported Experiences. Allowing you to reward participation in real-time with prizes, offers, coupons, and more. You can either select Instant Win Experience in the Experience Library, or you can add Rewards to any of your existing experiences and decide how and when to distribute your prizes. 

What to do

Create a Reward

  1. Locate or create a new experience in the form of a Giveaway, Poll, Contest, or Quiz.
  2. Once you’ve opened the experience, click on Rewards in the left-hand side navigation menu
  3. Click Rewards, then Add Reward, then click on Edit reward and proceed through the headings below.

The Settings Tab

  1. Settings - in this section you can define an internal name and Friendly ID for your reward. Friendly ID is a machine-read identifier that can be used for data integrations, rewards management, loyalty points allocation, and more. 
  2. Reward Type - select a different way to reward your customers
  3. Assigning rewards This is the total number of rewards available to win, leaving this field empty will denote an unlimited supply.
  4. Distribution  - define under which conditions entrants can win the reward. 
  5. Quiz score range -reward only users who completed quiz challenges with a certain score
  6. Metering reward - Set a win rate for Odds & Everyone Wins Distribution, which defines how many of the rewards (From the maximum number of rewards) can be won. If you set a value beyond the maximum, this will simply make it possible to exhaust your reward supply over the period set.

Five different types of rewards are currently supported:

  • Basic Coupon: A printable coupon, only an image can be presented
  • Coupon Code: Use a static coupon code or generate unique ones. The platform will generate a code for each user automatically. If you want all or part of your coupon code to be unique per user, you can use a few handy wildcards; # will add a random number, $ will add a random letter, and @ will add a random number or letter. For example, ABC###-$$$$$$-@@@@@ would generate a coupon code with the letters ABC prefixing 3 random numbers, followed by a dash, then 5 random letters, followed by a dash, then 5 random letters or numbers.
  • Uploaded Codes: This option allows you to upload a list of codes in the CSV format, one coupon per row. Here's is an example file.
  • Link to Coupon: Provides a link that a user can click to visit to acquire their reward, this opens two new text boxes, Coupon Link Text (The displayed text for the URL) and Coupon Link(The URL).
  • Prizes: Give an offline prize like t-shirts, trips, or other swag

The Content Tab

Based on the reward type, you've selected, you may see different combinations of the fields to fill out. Some will always be present:

  • Headline (An H1 style headline for your reward)
  • Byline (An H2 style byline for your reward)
  • Offer Description
  • CTA 
  • Valid from/to

Finishing up on the set up of your Reward

You can now save your coupon and return to the main Rewards screen. Once you have arrived back on the Rewards screen, be sure to Publish your reward for use, if not, it will not be available to users.

Displaying rewards to entrants

If an entrant is lucky enough to win a prize, it will be presented on the Confirmation Page. To review the display settings for rewards, open the Confirmation Page and find the My Rewards module. 

Click on the cog on the My Rewards module to review and customize how rewards will be presented to entrants.

In the Copy tab, you can add a header that will be shown above the list of rewards the user has received:

  • You can choose to enter a copy block that is always shown.
  • You can enter a copy block that is only shown when an entrant receives a rewards (e.g. "Well done!")
  • You can enter a copy block that is only shown when an entrant receives no rewards (e.g. "Sorry!")

Exports & Insights

We keep a record of who has entered and who won what. If you need to fulfill prizes or further process the data collected, you can download the necessary records from the Export area. Once you have some entries, you'll find two exports available:

  • Entries: This export contains the form data submitted by all entrants (whether they won or not)
  • Granted Rewards: This export contains the rewards that were won by users and indicates by whom.

To see rewards-related Insights, just navigate to the Insights section of your experience and you will be able to see the total number of granted rewards, a detailed view of what rewards were allocated, and how many of them, and more. 

Note: The exports outlined above are in CSV format and may only be available to certain users within your account. If you have a data integration enabled in your account, entry data may already be synchronised with other systems within your organisation. Your Customer Success Manager will be able to advise you further.