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How to: Use Rewards in Giveaways, Contests and Quizzes

This article provides a guide to using Rewards (coupon) in supported experiences. Allowing you to directly provide incentives to users for entering.

What to do

Create a Reward

  1. Locate or create a new experience in the form of a Giveaway, Contest or Quiz.
  2. Once you’ve opened the experience, expand the Advanced section on the left menu.
  3. Click Rewards, then New Reward, then proceed through the headings below.

The Content Tab

  1. You will be presented with the initial New Reward setup screen, which covers the following:
    • Name (A friendly name for your reference, users do not see this)
    • Type (Discussed next)
    • Offer Headline (An H1 style headline for your coupon)
    • Offer Byline (An H2 style byline for your coupon)
  2. Select the coupon Type that you would like to use:
    • Coupon A printable coupon, only an image can be presented
    • Coupon with Code The platform will generate a code for each user automatically.
      If you want all or part of your coupon code to be unique per user, you can use a few handy wildcards; # will add random number, $ will add a random letter and @ will add a random number or letter. For example, ABC###-$$$$$$-@@@@@ would generate a coupon code with the letters ABC prefixing 3 random numbers, followed by a dash, then 5 random letters, followed by a dash, then 5 random letters or numbers.
    • Coupon with managed code
      This option allows you to upload a list of codes in the CSV format, one coupon per row. Here's is an example file.
    • Online Link
      Provides a link that a user can click to visit to acquire their reward, this opens two new text boxes, Coupon Link Text (The displayed text for the URL) and Coupon Link (The URL).

The Design Tab (Optional)

The Reward Design area gives you two options to use an existing or upload a new image asset to display on your Coupon. The Badge Asset is the main image and the Thumbnail Badge Asset will be displayed on smaller screens.

The Settings Tab (Optional)

On the Settings tab you can set the Valid From and Valid Until date and time, when set, this will mean users will see information on the validity period of the reward coupon they have been granted. the Redemption Instructions will be displayed below the validity information when set to give users special instructions.

Finishing up on your Coupon

You can now save your coupon and return to the main Rewards screen. Once you have arrived back on the Rewards screen, be sure to Publish your coupon for use, if not, it will not be available to users.

Adding Rules (Required)

In order to grant a reward a suitable rule must be created to issue it.

  1. Click Add New Rule
  2. Click Select your new coupon from the list.
  3. Click on the text does something, this will present a list:
    • Enters your experience The coupon is presented on confirmation, when a user enters the experience.
    • Referrals (deprecated)
    • Game Score Achieves a quiz score between x and y.
    • Shares (deprecated)

Important NoteUsers can only ever receive a reward once, this also applies if you edit the reward or change the rules in order to obtain it.