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Understanding: Experience exports

Experience Export Fields Overview

This table covers all the common data present in experience exports.

Column Description
EntryID A unique identifier for this entry
AccountID The Cheetah Experiences Account that owns this entry
AccountName The Cheetah Experiences Account that owns this entry
CampaignID The campaign that generated this entry
CampaignName The campaign that generated this entry
Action  Action taken (entered, registered, submitted, clicked, requested, downloaded)
DateEntered Date and time of entry, in timezone of the account
Timezone Timezone used in date fields
UserID The Cheetah Experiences user ID
Shares Number of share events tracked for current entry.
Referrals Number of users who clicked on a social share from this user and entered the campaign
Referrer UserID of user who referred entrant to the campaign.
BrandOptIn Whether user agreed to brand marketing, if supplied (see note)
GroupOptIn Whether user agreed to group marketing, if supplied (see note)
ThirdpartyOptIn Whether user agreed to third-party marketing, if supplied (see note)
TermsAndConditions Whether user agreed to terms and conditions, if supplied
Source The tracking source, if supplied (see article)
Medium The tracking medium, if supplied (see article)
Channel The tracking source, if supplied (see article)
Network Entry received from this social network (facebook, twitter, instagram or web)
SourceUserID User's ID on social network/website
SourceUserLink Link to user's profile page on social network
UGCOriginLink Link to originating social content post (e.g. Instagram photo or Tweet)
UGCImage Image submitted as part of UGC item
UGCThumbnail Thumbnail of image submitted
UGCComment  Text submitted as part of UGC item
UGCVotes Valid votes received for this UGC item
Challenge True or false to indicate if the entrant answered challenge question correctly
QuizResult Result of category quiz or a score if your experience is a score quiz

Winner status for this entry:

  • entry winner -  00w
  • first place -  01w
  • secondplace -  02w
  • thirdplace -  03w
  • fourthplace -  04w
  • fifthplace -  05w
  • sixthplace -  06w
  • seventhplace -  07w
  • eighthplace -  08w
  • ninthplace -  09w
  • tenthplace -  10w
  • runnerup -  ru
  • finalist -  fn
FirstName User's first name, if supplied
LastName User's last name, if supplied 
Email User's email if supplied
Username User's display name or username on social network/website
CustomerID User's external identifier. Please read the article Introducing: Recognizing Known User 
<custom fields> User's answers for any other fields you added to your form. Each field will have its own column within the export.

Opt-In / Opt-Out logic

When adding an Opt-In module to your entry form, you will notice the 'Consent' option, this allows you to provide Opt-In (default) or Opt-Out logic when a user enters the campaign.

Consent Option Column Value Meaning
Opt-In TRUE I agree to this brand/group/third party condition.
Opt-In FALSE I do not agree to this brand/group/third party condition. 
Opt-Out  TRUE I do not agree to this brand/group/third party condition.
Opt-Out FALSE I agree to this brand/group/third party condition.

It's strongly advised you do not change the consent option mid-campaign as the platform will not compensate for the logic change.