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How to: Add a CTA to a piece of social content

This article will guide you on how to add CTA in social content. Often referred to as Shoppable UGC or Actionable UGC.

You can now augment social content with call-to-actions that lead users to specific destinations on your website, storefront or elsewhere. Common use-cases might be to highlight a product that is shown in an Instagram photo or display an offer that relates to an event you are running.

What to do 

Adding CTA details

You can add an image, various copy fields, pricing information as well as a CTA button and URL. You can set these for either a single content item or for multiple items at a time:

  • Go to the Moderation screen within Collection in the Content area, or go to Curate & Review in your Social Experience.
  • Select one or more pieces of content and click on icon in the top right-hand corner of the moderation screen for bulk actions or right side of the content item for a single content icon.
  • In the editor that appears, select one or more fields to update from the list of fields available (e.g. just the Heading, or just the Byline and Price, or any other combination).
  • Click on Update to save your changes or Remove if you want to remove the CTA from a piece of content. 


Choosing your display format

Once you've added CTAs to your content, you can control how and where these will be presented in the Page Designer. By default, if CTA gets assigned to a piece of content, it will be displayed in a social display of your choice. To disable the call to action on social content:

  • Go to your Experience > Page Editor > the selected Social Display Module (i.e. Collage)
  • Head to Design tab of the Social Display Module.
  • Click on Customize Detail View and disable toggle "Display call to action if available".