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Experience Export: Encoding problems, data appears corrupt

Opening your campaign export file in Excel results in a what appears to be corrupted or incorrect characters appearing.

Technical Information

Excel assumes a number of default properties for CSV files when opened directly (double-clicking the file), this can result in the data being incorrectly displayed. All CSV files exported from the platform use the UTF-8 encoding format to ensure that the majority of language characters are supported.

The correct file encoding must be manually chosen during the Excel import process to ensure the correct display of characters.

Why do we use the CSV format?

We use the CSV format to remain application and platform neutral, so that the file can be universally handled by spreadsheet applications without bias.

What do to

Microsoft Excel for Windows

  1. Open Excel, start a New Document and click on the Data area.
  2. Click From Text, select the CSV file you exported from the platform.

  3. Under Delimiter check comma is selected, and select 65001 : Unicode (UTF-8)  under  File Origin.
  4. Check the preview at the bottom table below, it should show correctly split columns and display the data accurately.
  5. If you're happy with this, click Load.

Microsoft Excel for Mac

  1. Open Excel, start a new Blank document
  2. From the Data area, select From Text and choose the CSV file you wish to import
  3. Select Delimited and File origin Unicode (UTF-8), click Next

  4. Select Comma and check the preview below for any issues with the display of the experience data.

  5. If you're happy with the display you can either create a new sheet or import into the current, complete the wizard.

Further information in the Text Import wizard can be found here.