Wayin Support

Understanding: Anonymous Entries

Allow anonymous entries and decide whether they are stored or not.

There are times when you want people to participate in a campaign, without having to give you identifying information. Let's take a poll, for example: you are effectively asking a large number of people for their opinion and collating the results… It's not always desirable or necessary to collect their name, email address, etc.

Another example might be a quiz that people can take for fun and share with their friends to attract others to a web destination… Again, it might not be desirable or necessary to collect user information.

To cater for these situations, email address is not required to be present on a form. If you create a form without this field, you'll see a warning when you save it. 

Your form does not require an email address. When we receive entries without an email address, we store them as anonymous entries and cannot guarantee we will meet criteria set up in Entry details. If you do not wish the anonymous entries to be stored, you can change that setting under Data Collection. 

Change Data Collection settings

By default, we will store all entries we receive as part of an experience. We will also send this data to any integrations you have configured. If you do not wish anonymous data to be stored, simply navigate to Entry > Data Collection (on the bottom of the page) and select Do not store individual entries.