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Understanding: Social and Website Sign-in

Allow users to sign-in using social networks, or via your website, pre-fill forms and gather user details. 

Users can sign-in to campaigns using their social network login or your website’s sign-on system:

  • Choose between required or optional sign-in either upon landing or before filling form
  • Pre-fill the name and email address of the user (where available)
  • Native support for Instagram, Google+ Facebook, Twitter social sign-in
  • Integrate your website sign-on system using JavaScript
  • Use our sign-in apps or configure your own white-label ones (more below)
  • See social user profile details for each entry

How to set up Social Sign-in

To set up Consumer Sign-in navigate to the Settings area. In this area you can enable this feature and also setup the default behaviour of new campaigns including which sign-in options to enable by default, when to ask users to sign-in and whether sign-in is required or optional. New experiences will inherit these settings but you can customise each one if you need to on per experience basis. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Consumer Sign-in
  2. Enable Social Sign-in 
  3. Select Social Networks you wish to offer as an option to sign in with for the users
  4. Set up Experience Defaults and whether social sign-in should be optional or required 


How to set up Website Sign-in

If you are using custom sign-in option for your website, we can easily set up an integration to utilise your website sign-in provider so that users can utilise the same login information to enter Cheetah Experiences. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager about this option, they will be happy to help you with the next steps.