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Understanding: Website Sign-in

  1. Allow users to sign-in via your website, pre-fill forms, and gather user details. 

Users can sign-in to campaigns using your website’s sign-on system:

  • Choose between required or optional sign-in either upon landing or before filling form
  • Pre-fill the name and email address of the user (where available)
  • Integrate your website sign-on system using JavaScript


How to set up Social Sign-in

To set up Consumer Sign-in navigate to the Settings area. In this area, you can enable this feature and also set up the default behavior of new experiences including which sign-in options to enable by default, when to ask users to sign-in and whether sign-in is required or optional. New experiences will inherit these settings but you can customize each one if you need to on a per experience basis. 

A pre-requisite to using website sign-in is to set up the integration. Please reach out to your CSM about it. Once the integration is set up:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Consumer Sign-in
  2. Enable Custom Website Sign-in
  3. Set up Experience Defaults and whether sign-in should be optional or required and presented above a form or as a gate