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Data Retention Policy

Data retention periods

Note: that we are rolling out flexible retention controls to customer accounts. The default retention period will continue to be 12 months and as specified in this policy, but your account administrator will be able to reduce this to 3 or 6 months if they choose and, in doing, so your account will deviate from our standard Data Retention Policy for User Entries. You can read more about it here.

As of August 31st 2018, the following data retention periods will apply. As before, you should ensure that you complete any UGC moderation and publishing, winner selection, or other campaign-related processing during the relevant retention period. Should you have lawful reasons for retaining user entry data for extended periods, please ensure you manually export the participant data during the retention period, or ask your CSM about having a realtime integration enabled to other enterprise systems.

Data Type Status Retention Period *
User Entries 

Evergreen Experience
(a live experience with no expiration date set)

12 months after collection.

Time-limited Experience
(a live experience with an expiration date set)

12 months after expiry
UGC Content  Ingested 3 months after collection 


Published Ongoing 
Archived Ongoing 
Rights Pending Ongoing 
Rights Granted Ongoing 

* The retention periods shown above are for customers with active subscriptions. For customers who no longer have an active subscription, data retention periods will be capped to 30 days post contract. The retention periods and caps apply to data held within the Experience Platform itself. If you export the data, you will need to manage the processing, including retention, of exported personal data independently.

Should you have any questions regarding data retention in the Experience Platform, we'd be happy to help answer them. Please contact your account or customer success manager directly, or the support team by opening a support request.