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How-to: Clone an Experience

How to clone an experience

For this walkthrough, we'll assume you're happy with the original experience and ready to make a copy of it.

1. Find your original experience in the Experiences list: 


2. Click on the 'Clone' button next to your campaign (see screenshot above)

3. You'll be asked to confirm a few details:


Above: Setting the name and choosing whether to create new copies of the theme and form, or to use existing ones.

We'll automatically suggest a name for the cloned experience, but you can update this to anything you wish. You can choose whether to create new copies of the theme and form or to select existing ones from your account.

4. Click 'Save' to create the cloned experience

Within a few seconds, your new experience will be shown in the 'draft' experiences list.

5. Get tweaking!

Click into your new experience and wonder how you ever survived without cloning! You have the perfect starting point. Just a little tweaking and your new experience will be ready for the prime-time!


  • All of the experience settings, pages, etc. will be cloned.
  • Any custom CSS and JavaScript defined in the original experience  will be cloned. Your developers should make sure that experience customisations are developed with cloning in mind (not hardcoding campaign id's, for example).
  • Experience entries, UGC, coupon redemptions, and insights results are not cloned (your new experience will be ready to be launched, fresh as a daisy).
  • Images uploaded to the shared library (Top Menu > Settings > Images) and used within the original experience will not be copied. Instead, the new experience will continue to reference them from the shared library. This means that updates to these images will affect all campaigns that reference them.
  • Images uploaded to the original experience directly (for instance, by uploading directly into an image gallery) will be copied. The new campaign will have its own, independent copy of these images and updates to these will affect only the new campaign.
  • The experience tag (Your Campaign > Settings > Advanced) will not be cloned as this is normally a unique value. Instead, the new campaign will default to a tag based on the new name of the campaign.
  • For social hub experiences, content sources (feeds) will be cloned but you will want to authorise them to activate them.
  • Seeded content items (your home-grown entries to get a contest kick-started) will be cloned.