Marigold Grow Support

How to: Clone an Experience locally or to another account

This guide will walk you though cloning your experience within the same account or to a child account.

What to do

  1. Find your original experience in the Experiences area.
  2. Click on the Clone button next to your experience.


  3. Choose a name for your new clone, we'll automatically append a number to the name to ensure it's different to the original.


  4. Under Advanced you will be able to select the following options, if none of these options are required you can simply move to Step 5.

    • Clone to a different account
      • This is only available if you have access to child accounts below the account you're currently using.
    • Select an alternative theme
      • You can select an alternative theme in the current account to apply to the newly cloned experience. 
      • This will be unavailable if you select a clone to a different account. You will need to select a new theme in the new clone.
    • Select an alternative form
      • You can select an alternative form in the current account to apply to the newly cloned experience.
      • This will be unavailable if you select a clone to a different account. You will need to select a new form in the new clone.
  5. Click Clone to create the cloned experience with the settings you selected. Within a few seconds, your new experience will be cloned to the destination you select in the Drafts area.

Important Notes:

  • All of the experience settings, pages, etc. will be cloned.
  • Any custom CSS and JavaScript defined in the original experience will be cloned.
    Your developers should make sure that experience customizations are developed with cloning in mind (avoid hardcoding campaign id's, for example).
  • Experience entries, UGC, coupon redemptions, and insights results are not cloned
    Your new experience will be ready to be launched with no entry data.
  • Images uploaded to the shared library (Top Menu > Settings > Images) and used within the original experience will not be copied. Instead, the new experience will continue to reference them from the shared library. This means that updates to these images will affect all campaigns that reference them.
  • Images uploaded to the original experience directly (for instance, by uploading directly into an image gallery) will be copied. The new campaign will have its own, independent copy of these images and updates to these will affect only the new campaign.
  • Unused assets uploaded to the experience will not be copied to the new clone.
  • The experience tag (Your Campaign > Settings > Advanced) will not be cloned as this is normally a unique value. Instead, the new campaign will default to a tag based on the new name of the campaign.
  • For social hub experiences, content sources (feeds) will be cloned but you will want to authorize them to activate them.
  • Seeded content items (your home-grown entries to get a contest kick-started) will be cloned.