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How to: Setup a Whitelabel Facebook app

This article explains how to set up a Whitelabel application for use in the platform.

What to do

Creating an App

To begin, you’ll need to have a Facebook Developers account (sign up here with your Facebook account).

  1. Log into Facebook Developers and click My Apps, and select Add a New App on the right hand navigation.
  2. Give your new app a Display name and enter an Contact email. Click Create App ID  and complete the security check that appears.
  3. You'll be taken to your new app. Make a note of the following information:
    • App ID
    • App Secret (Click Show to display)
  4. Under SettingsAdvanced be sure to enable and click Save Changes:
    • Allow API Access to App Settings
  5. Now switch your app to Live mode, by clicking the OFF button on the top right navigation bar, you may be prompted to select a Category, select the most appropriate from the list. Once complete your app should display ON in green (Status will save Live).
  6. The basic setup of your app is now complete.

Adding branded images to your Facebook app (Optional)

Within your app in Facebook Developers, you can set the following in Settings > Basic:

  • The displayed App Icon.
  • The Page tab image.

Registering your App with the Experiences Platform

In order to complete this task you must be a Experiences platform Admin.

  1. Login to the platform.
  2. Under the settings drop-down, Click Whitelabel Apps on the left hand side navigation click Register Facebook app.
  3. The set-up wizard will ask you for the Application ID and Application Secret, use the values you made a note of earlier. You can revisit the Facebook Developers area, if  you need to acquire this information again.
  4. Enter the following values in, when done, click Next.
    • Namespace
    • Contact Email
    • Privacy Policy URL
    • Terms of Service URL
  5. You'll now be given a list of things the Experiences platform will set for you, if you wish override any of these areas you can do so with the I want to manually configure my own URL settings option. It's recommend that you let the platform set these values.
  6. On the application permissions click it's again recommended that you leave these values to default, click Next.
    • Basic
    • User friends
  7. Once you have landed on the Confirmation screen your app should now be ready to use in the platform and have experiences published with it.


When registering your app you receive the following error:

Changing app settings through API calls has been disabled for this app. Go to your app's advanced settings to enable this.

This error occurs when the option Allow API Access to App Settings has not been enabled on your app, you will need to ensure this option is enabled under Settings > Advanced.