Wayin Support

Feed: Content is not being collected as expected

An experience source or content source has stopped producing content unexpectedly.

What to do

Firstly you'll need to check if the source feed has become deactivated, this can occur for a number reasons, but mostly due to authentication related problems. 

1. Check the dashboard activity

  1. Login to the account, from the main Dashboard screen, scroll down to the Activity feed (This shows the most recent major events that have occurred in the account)

  2. This shows that a campaign feed (Social or In-network) was disabled due to an error.

2. Reconnect the channel (re-authenticate)

This is often required when the password changes or a user that connected the channel is now longer an admin and is often the first step required to resolve feed issues.

  1. Once you are logged into your account, click %, and select the channel associated with the feed.
  2. Click Disconnect (not Delete).
  3. Once this has been done, you will see a '>Connect' option (In the orange strip at the top of the page), use this to reconnect the channel.

    You will need to login to the social network when prompted. For channels such as Facebook, you will need to be a Page Admin.

Persistent issues after reconnecting (Campaign feeds)

If issues persist, it's likely that the campaign feed itself will need some intervention by Technical Support to update it's authentication data, if this is the case, raise a ticket and here include the account name, along with the campaign and source feed names.