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How to: Enable experience, custom sharing and echo

This article briefly outlines how to enable the various forms of experience and custom sharing. Once you’re happy with the look and content of your experience, it’s key that you enable advocates to share news of their participation in your experience across relevant social networks.

With experience sharing you’re able to add pre-defined messages for your entrants to share with their friends and followers, including key details such as the prizes up for grabs.

What to do

  1. Open Sharing from inside the Experience panel.
  2. First, set up the generic experience sharing copy and image (top most item).
  3. Select the channels you’d like to enable sharing for, either by dragging to copy the master content into the networks below or by ticking the individual boxes. You can then tailor the content for each network if needed.

An added benefit to completing the master sharing configuration is that it enables search engines to index your pages and allow for consistent copy for sharing throughout the experience.

Sharing Options

  • Experience sharing (Generic sharing)
  • Facebook share prompt
  • Twitter share prompt
  • Pinterest share prompt
  • Facebook confirmation share prompt 

Facebook share prompt

Split into 3 sections: title, byline and caption. You also have the option of uploading an associated experience image to appear alongside your pre-set message.

Twitter share prompt

There is a 258 character limit for Twitter share messages. This is shorter than the typical 280 character limit to allow for the experience or custom link which is automatically placed at the end of the message.

Pinterest share prompt

For Pinterest, you are only required to enter a caption and image for their share message.

Facebook Confirmation share prompt

This share message follows exactly the same three part format as the initial FB share prompt, however, it will only appear on the confirmation page of an experience once a user has entered the competition.

This provides you an opportunity to alter the Facebook share message presented to participants to one that acknowledges their entry and encourages them to invite their friends to take part.

Where will experience share prompts be located?

Though you’re able to add custom share prompts to an array of experience modules in the page builder, the experience share messages you determine in the ‘sharing’ section will only appear on the top right corner of the navigation bar. 

Adding additional share prompts to experience modules

If you wish to include additional share prompts throughout your experience, you’re able to do so by adding these to modules in page builder. For example, should you want to add sharing to a specific callout module you’d follow the simple steps laid out below.

  1. Click edit on your callout module to access the additional options.
  2. Select 'Sharing' to bring up the 3 options available to you:
    • No Sharing
    • Experience sharing
      Add the pre-set messages you created in sharing for Facebook & Twitter
    • Custom sharing
      Add new share prompts with specific messages related to the content on the callout.

You also decide how these share prompts appear, in the form of icons, buttons, native option (will remove all pre-defined captions) or Echo. Echo is a newly added layout to Sharing module that allow users to customise their Twitter share message on the fly.