Marigold Grow Support

Social: Missing images

Content publish in the platform to campaigns types such as Social Walls or In-network have 404 errors present where images be posts collected from Twitter and/or Instagram.


In most cases the cause is due to the original post not being available any longer, this can be due to the post being deleted or marked as private.

What to do

Check if the post is still available.

  1. Login to the platform and open the campaign.
  2. Click " Curate & Review from the left hand navigation bar.
  3. On the curation grid find the post you've published, you can use a status filter on the left side to narrow down your search to published content.
  4. Click on the social icon on the left side of the content item, this will link to the original post.

    This is the message you'll see on Twitter:

    The icon next to the post will often be replaced with a generic missing image:

Un-publish content that is no longer available

  1. In " Curate & Review, you will need to un-publish content that is no longer available.
  2. Select the content item(s) that are no longer available and select Archive or Delete from the top options bar.
    Deleted content cannot be recovered, any content left un-published will be purged after 30 days.