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Understanding: KPIs

What is a KPI?

A KPI is a Key Performance Indicator, this is most prominent on your Dashboard, where you'll notice a number of metrics which cover performance from all of your activations to date within the account.

This table details the formula that makes up each total:

KPI Caption Formula
Reach Estimated people exposed to brand content in social feeds Shares * 150
Impressions Page and content views in campaigns & social hubs Views
Advocacy Social actions initiated by users, that create posts & notifications to friends and followers, spreading your brand content Shares + Likes + Comments
Entries Campaign entries, activations & registrations via web and social Entries
Engagement The sum of all platform interactions including entries, shares, invites, likes, favorites Shares + Referrals + Entries + Views
Conversion Conversion of views compared to entries (Entries * 100) / Views