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How to: Publish your experience

This article will cover how to publish an experience to your chosen destination once you’re happy with your experience design.

What to do

  1. Open Publishing from the experience area of the platform (Left navigation menu).
  2. Next, Approve the experience which you do simply by clicking the tick icon located in the top right hand corner.
  3. Once approved, the [ + ] Publish to new destination button will become visible.
  4. Select Publish and you will be presented with 4 publishing destinations for your experience :
    • Web Embed: This generates some code for you use to embed an iFrame onto a web page.
    • Microsite: Have your experience appear on a standalone web page.
    • Social Story (only available for NextGen Experiences): Publish your experience as a social story.
  5. Once you have selected the publishing destination, you will move through a few steps specific to each destination (Covered below).
  6. Following this, the platform wizard will ask you to specify the dates and timings for the experience launch, you can publish this experience immediately or schedule it to go live at a particular date.
  7. All that’s left to do is to review the steps you’ve taken and ensure you’re ready to go live. The platform wizard generates a checklist featuring all the settings you’ve specified so far, allowing you a final opportunity to review before publishing the experience live.
  8. All set? Click Launch to push your experience live, sit back and watch its progress by checking insights.

An overview of publishing destinations

Web Embed

  • When selecting a Web Embed destination, you may get prompted to choose a specific web channel if more than one is available.
  • We recommend that you choose 'responsive' as this will ensure the experience adapts to the size of the container and device it’s viewed on. Alternatively, you are able to define a 'fixed size' view should your experience be restricted to a specific amount of space on your website.
  • Regardless of which format you choose, the platform will require you to input some values for the width and height of the embed. These will not impose restrictions on a responsive embed.


  • Should you decide to publish your experience on a standalone web page, simply follow the same steps as above, however, this time you do not need to define dimensions.

Social Story (only available for NextGen experiences)

  • All connected social media channels will be listed at this stage. If you have more than one connected, select the relevant channel to publish your experience to.
  • Select the appropriate channel. You will be shown the key settings. Simply Click on Publish and your experience will be published as a social story on your social media channel.