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How to: Set up a Poll Experience

This article describes how to set up a Classic Poll experience. A classic poll allows you to collect opinions from your audience, learn about their preferences or let them vote on a set of options. Poll questions can be added to any entry form, or set up as a separate campaign type.

With Classic Polls, results are not shown right-away... they can be:

  1. Shown to users after they have submitted their entry (on the confirmation page)
  2. Shown in another experience (now or at a later date)
  3. Not divulged publicly at all

If you're looking to run a poll that shows users the results as soon as they select an answer, keep an eye out for our new Realtime Polls feature that will be rolling out to your account shortly.

What to do

First of all, navigate to the Experience Library click on the Polls & Surveys tab in the navigation and select a Poll or Summer Favourites experiences, which will open a brief overview of the campaign type. If you are happy with your selection, add the experience to your account if you are using it for the first time, or simply click on Create if you have previously built one.

The wizard will take you through the experience creation process:

  1. First of all, name your experience and click next.
  2. After that, choose a theme. You will be able to select one of the system themes (Card, Square, Flex or Scaffold) or one of your branded themes if your account has one configured. This determined the base styling of your campaign.
  3. In the next step, you will be able to add pages you think you may need, again these can be added later as required, for most the default social page will be sufficient.
  4. At the end of the wizard, you will be presented with an overview of the campaign setup so far. If you’re happy, click Create to finalize your settings and create the campaign.

Setting up the poll

If you have selected poll experience from the Experience Library, your form will already have a Classic Poll field added. If you wish to add poll functionality to a new experience you can follow these steps:

  1. From the Entry Form editor, select the Classic Poll module from the menu on the right-hand side and drag & drop into the form fields area. 


  2. Next, open the poll settings by clicking the settings cog icon.
  3. Now define the question and possible answers. There is the option to add images to the question and possible answers. Another option is to make this a required field, found in the Rules section (meaning the user will have to provide an answer before progressing to the results).
  4. In the Form Settings, you can rename your form so that you can easily find the relevant one when selecting which poll results to display on the Confirmation Page.


  5. Once you have set up your poll in the Entry Form, you can also display the poll results on the Confirmation Page, or elsewhere. Just head to Pages and on the selected Page, add a Classic Poll Results module to the Page Builder from the selection on the right-hand side.


  6. The correct survey form will be linked to the Classic Poll Results module by default but, as you can have multiple polls in one experience, you can choose an alternative poll to display in the Classic Poll Results module, if needed: