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Understanding: Contest & Competition Dates (Phases)

When running a caption, video or photo contest it’s important that you consider the campaign dates, so that it moves into each stage/phase at the right time.

As your campaign moves through each phase, the pages that are displayed to end users changes.

Which phases apply to each Contest Type?

This table shows the applicable phases and their ordering

Contest Type Entry Voting Judging Announcement
Judges select finalists, public votes for winner 1 3 2 4
Judges select winner 1 - 2 3
Public votes for finalists, judges select winner 1 2 3 4
Public votes for winner 1 2 - 3

So... which pages are available and when?

The following default pages will be available to navigate to and display in each phase.

It's important to note that if you link to a page that becomes unavailable (via a CTA), that link will not function.

Phase Countdown Entry Details Gallery Rules Curtain
Pre-Entry / Countdown - - - -
Entry - -
Voting - - -
Judging  - - -
Announcement  - - - -
Curtain - - - -

If you add any additional pages, their availability may also be affected in various phases, but due to the vast number of pages, you can add but we aren't able to provide an exhaustive list. If you have any questions please contact your CSM or Technical Support support@wayin.com 

Competition Dates

Entry Start Date

Set the date and time you would like to allow users to enter the campaign.

Voting Start Date

Set the date and time you would like users to vote on published content.

If your experience is to be hosted on Facebook ensure you get the most accurate voting totals by enabling secure voting, this will check the user is identified via their Profile ID in voting so they comply with your voting rules.

Judging Start Date

Set the date and time you would like your experience to be in the judging phase. 

This option will not be available if you select a competition type that does not include some form of judging.

Winner(s) Announced

Here you can specify whether you wish to announce winners daily, weekly or on a specific date.

Announcement Date

This is the date you wish to announce your winner(s) on and is only available when you select the date option in Winner(s) announced.