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Understanding: The Experience Area

For the majority of Experiences, the campaign area navigation options (on the left side) will be the same. Below are the key areas you'll want to work through to get your campaign finalised and published live.

ADesign & Structure

Within the Design & Structure area you can...

  • Select a new theme.
    You can also Customise themes from here, but the theme must be preconfigured as such, you can find out more about this here.
  • Set a background image.
  • Add content to the Header and Footer areas of your Campaign.


Within the Pages area you can...

  • Amend the order (user flow) of your experience by re-ordering the pages, publishing or un-publishing pages. Simply click p to un-publish, and to re-order you can can drag pages by the right | icon.
  • Edit page titles by double clicking on the name of the page.
  • Edit page content to start building out your individual pages, which is a straight forward drag and drop system. An overview of the modules can be found here.


Within the Entry area you can...

  • Edit the entry form to include form data you need your users to enter, we use a modular drag and drop system to give you a simple yet powerful way to build your forms.
  • Set entry details to Unlimited, Once per campaign or Daily, you can also set the total Maximum entrants (if required).
  • Change moderation to Pre moderation or Post moderation.


With Sharing configured users can then share your campaign across social networks. Sharing is available across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

  • You can add a Title, BylineCaption and Image to your campaign sharing. Image is optional, but highly recommended to give your campaign greater visibility. You can click Upload a new file to upload an image from your computer.

    You can use the drag to copy button to drag the same content into the other relevant sharing fields.

A full overview of Sharing can be found here.


Within Settings, on a Contest style campaign, you can do the following...

  • Change the campaign name, this is purely for your identification (internal name), so use a naming convention that makes the best sense to you.
  • Change the headline of the campaign (Visible to users).
  • Set the competition details, this is covered in detail here.
  • Choose the competition dates for each phase of the contest.
  • Enable secure voting (This only applies to Facebook campaigns).
  • You can also reset and delete the campaign, which is covered in more depth here.

The settings area will change to reflect the options available to the campaign type you selected.


Your experience moves through a series of states before going live, these are the following...

  • Draft - This is the primary building phase of your campaign, once the ground work is in place and you've reviewed the campaign with your team, you click y approve, this moves the status on to the next milestone.
  • Ready - Once in the Ready state, you will then have the option to p Publish.

Once you're ready to Publish, you'll be presented with four options, each of which are discussed in detail here.