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How to: Set up an In-Network experience

Due to significant recent changes in Twitter’s partner strategy and API offering, we are removing the Twitter channels and feeds features from Cheetah Experiences. This change will take place in the first week of May, 2023.

This article explains how to set up an in-network experience, which allows users to enter on Instagram or Twitter, granting more visibility to your brand. It’s common to combine with the option to also enter via a form, thus increasing the entry points and boosting the number of entries. An entry can be a photo, video or caption.

What to do

Firstly, ensure your channels are connected to your account. See guidance on that here.

  1. Navigate to the Experience Library.
  2. Under Giveaways, select the type you’d like to set up:
  • Claim my Content
    Users enter by tweeting, or posting to Instagram, then claim their content using a data capture form. For more on Claim my Content, see here.
  • Advanced Hashtag Giveaway
    Users enter by tweeting, posting to Instagram or via a form.
  • Instagram Hashtag Giveaway
    Users can enter by posting to Instagram only.
  • Hashtag Giveaway
    Users can enter by posting to Instagram or by tweeting.
  • Twitter Hashtag Giveaway
    Users enter by tweeting only.
  • Once you select one of the experiences, click on Add to account or Create (if you have added it previously).
  • Select the social networks you want to run the competition on. Continue through the guided campaign wizard, define the hashtag which users will use to enter your campaign.
    Important Note
    In order to qualify as an entry, a IG Post or Tweet must include your chosen #hashtag AND @mention the account, otherwise they will not be counted. All posts have to be new posts, adding competition hashtag and mention to old posts won't work. If you've chosen an Advanced Hashtag Giveaway, users will also have the option of being able to enter via a form.
  • The entry criteria will be tested per Twitter account, Instagram account or email address. So, if you restrict the entry count to Once, additional entries will not be counted (They will be placed into the Excluded area of the Entries section)
  • If you wanted to amend the hashtags for each channel, you can do so within the Entry area on the left hand navigation once you’ve set up the campaign. If you're also accepting entries via  Form, remember to update the form also.

    An Advanced Hashtag Giveaway example:


  • Once you're happy with the entry setup we can now move on the remaining actions:
    • Pages:
      Update the pages in order to display your Form, content/entries and include any information your visitors will need to know.
    • Publishing:
      You will need to publish individually to each desired social network selecting which social account you wish to use. For example if you're running an Advanced Hashtag Giveaway experience you’ll need to Publish to all the social channels you're accepting entries from. The publishing wizard will prompt you on which connected social channel you wish to use if you have more than one of each.

      Also publish to an Embed if you're looking to place the experience on your website.

  • Once you've published you'll start to acquire entries from your social networks (or via a form)! Use the Entries area to manage the entry data and the Curate & Review moderation area to publish the UGC.
  • Why can we not publish an In-Network experience directly to Facebook?

    Due to the way social sign-in works, presenting options to sign-in to other social networks is against Facebook terms of service, presenting only the form is a direction we could take, but it  would add a lot of complexity in displaying the right information on the right channel. Your CSM can give you further details on this should you need. At this time, we don't intend to support Facebook as an In-network publishing destination.

    You can publish a giveaway experience to Facebook and add a social wall with entries collected in via Hashtag giveaway. You can use "copy to collection" mechanic in Curate & Review. More information on publishing content from one experience to another can be found here.