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Latest Efix Release Information

This article lists all the latest Efix release information, Efix updates are normally deployed within 48 hours of the indicated date.

Released fixes


  Fix Ref Area Description
2019-10-16 WYN-4613 Social Fixed and issue that would prevent all the published content from being displayed if paging (or load additional on scroll) was used in conjunction with random ordering.
WYN-4623 Insights Resolved an issue that would allow the tracking parameter 'medium' to use undefined values.
2019-10-15 WYN-4615 Customization Resolved an issue that would not correctly generate the right-side preview in the Customization CSS area.
WYN-4618 Content Fixed an issue where content was not being correctly generated from entries when the default collection had been changed.


  Fix Ref Area Description
2019-09-12 WYN-4456 Labels Added a missing translation label to set the returned message when an malformed or missing email is used in a Remember Me email field.
WYN-4499 Cloning Enhanced the performance when cloning experiences, assets that are not directly in use within the experience will not be cloned to the new experience. To use common assets across multiple experiences assets should be uploaded to the Library.
2019-09-05 WYN-4473 Forms Resolved an issue that could cause an input positioned after a drop-down to not be correctly selected when clicked in Microsoft Edge.
WYN-4474 Export Fixed an issue that could cause the redemption export to fail.
2019-09-04 WYN-4465 Instagram Fixed an issue that prevented the refreshing of video content items due to recent Instagram changes.
WYN-4467 Instagram Resolved an issue that prevented the the update/display of video assets contained in a post with multiple assets due to recent Instagram changes.


  Fix Ref Area Description
2019-08-29 WYN-4442 Email Resolved an issue that prevented the notification email for published content from being sent out.
2019-08-22 WYN-4439 Channels Fixed an issue that prevented the connection of a Facebook Fanpage that contained unexpected characters in the biography section.
2019-08-15 WYN-4418 Instant Win Resolved an issue that could result in more instant win prizes being issued (Daily/Weekly options) if the maximum available was left empty.
2019-08-13 WYN-4395 Winner Management Resolved an issue that returned no valid entries items when the the 'Judges Selection' option was used.
WYN-4400 Form Fixed and issue that prevented the Edge browser from correctly being able to select and complete the Zip field in the address field when selected the first time.
WYN-4410 Claim My Content Resolved an issue that prevented the display of the Claim My Content buttons in an experience.


  Fix Ref Area Description
2019-07-25 WYN-4342 Email Resolved an issue that did not correctly map additional system fields of the same type and provide them in the help guide list.
WYN-4351 Clone Resolved an issue that prevented a newly cloned experience from having it's own form (The issue meant that shared the original experiences form, changes were seen in both).
WYN-4350 Micro Fixed an issue that would cause images added to an Image module to be stretched beyond the bounds of the display.
2019-07-15 WYN-4287 Display Resolved an issue that prevented iPad devices from accessing an experience within the Facebook built-in browser.
2019-07-09 WYN-4279 Export Resolved an issue that would not correctly handle comas and line-breaks in the ngxFeaturedComment field within the CSV.
WYN-4261 Claim My Content Resolved an issue that prevented claiming content from working correctly when Consumer sign-in had disabled social channels.

Older Fixes

EFIX 2019-06-26

  • WYN-4233 - Language: Added support for the Kazakh language in Labels & Translations.
  • WYN-4221 - Winner: Fixed an issue with the column output in the Winner Management export.

EFIX 2019-06-13

  • WYN-4189 - Content: Resolved an issue that prevented the correct feedback from being displayed after voting on a content item from a shared link.

EFIX 2019-06-10

  • WYN-4043 - Display: Fixed an issue that could leave direct content links working after being rejected.

EFIX 2019-06-07

  • WYN-4169 - Display: Optimised the platform library sizes to reduce the front-end overhead.
  • WYN-4143 - MX: Fixed an issue that stopped the Rules & Policies overlay from appearing when clicked.
  • WYN-4129 - Forms: Resolved an issue that could result in displaying an incorrect form validation error.

EFIX 2019-05-29

  • WYN-4121 - API: Resolved an issue in the Export API that could result in an error being returned on certain experiences.
  • WYN-4097 - Entry: Resolved an issue that would stop some users entering an experience when the entry rules had been changed mid-campaign.
  • WYN-4095 - Email: Resolved a problem with the Reply To field being changed when the value was left empty.

EFIX 2019-05-21

  • WYN-4076 - Entry Notification: Resolved an issue that caused some email templates to be reverted back to an older version.
  • WYN-4074 - Video: Resolved and issue that caused portrait videos to become cropping in an overlay.

EFIX 2019-05-16

  • WYN-4075 - Sharing: Resolved an issue that prevented sharing icons from operating inside embedded experiences.

EFIX 2019-05-13

  • WYN-4052 - Twitter: Changes to the the maximum number of excluded phrases for a Twitter feed have been implemented to allow for a change in Twitter API.

EFIX 2019-05-02

  • WYN-4037 - Platform: Resolved an issue that would prevent the confirmation message from appearing when a forgotten password request had been made.
  • WYN-4029 - MX: Resolved a display issue in MX experiences with the confirmation page when only a single CTA was used (without a background) at specific iFrame dimensions.

EFIX 2019-05-01

  • WYN-4028 - MX: Added additional support for North American phone number formatting to the form field on micro experiences.
  • WYN-4006 - MX: Fixed an issue that caused the T&Cs check-box to become obscured when the T&Cs text covered multiple lines.

EFIX 2019-04-26

  • WYN-4026 - MX: Resolved an issue that disallowed valid special characters to the phone number field.
  • WYN-3999 - Social: Fixed and issue that prevented the carousel from moving through published content correctly.
  • WYN-3997 - Display: Resolved an issue that caused overlays from UGC not to appear correctly on mobile devices when viewed through an in-app browser.

EFIX 2019-04-10

  • WYN-3949 - Sharing: Resolved an issue that prevented the sharing check-boxes from appearing correctly in the platform in Safari (Mac).
  • WYN-3942 - Hashtag Entry: Fixed an issue that generated incorrect URL links for profiel names, profile names will no longer be linked.
  • WYN-3940 - Channels: Resolved an issue that prevented some Facebook/IG channels from being connected.
  • WYN-3931 - Forms: Data Vales can now start with a number and not be auto-replaced by an underscore value.

EFIX 2019-04-05

  • WYN-3888 - Report: Fixed an issue that mishandled the encoding type on automated reports.
  • WYN-3916 - Email Notifications: Added an option to insert an Email friendly name to entry notifications.

EFIX 2019-04-03

  • WYN-3917 - Video Upload: Resolved an issue that prevented uploads in the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • WYN-2046 - Theme: Resolved a close box positioning issue on Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox in relation to the Rules page.

EFIX 2019-03-26

  • WYN-3878 - Labels: Added support for the Azerbaijaini language in experiences and Labels & Translations.

EFIX 2019-03-25

  • WYN-3874 - CTA: Fixed an issue with the Page designer that would not reflect the current background selected.

EFIX 2019-03-22

  • WYN-3872 - Themes: Resolved an error that occurred trying to create a new theme based on Scaffold.

EFIX 2019-03-18

  • WYN-3828 - Store: Fixed the missing image references in the 'Summertime Lyrics Quiz' store experences.
  • WYN-3853 - API: Resolved an issue where the status OK message was not included int he payload response on the Submit API.

EFIX 2019-03-15

  • WYN-3833 - API: Resolved an endpoint issue with the Submit API.
  • WYN-3845 - API: Resolved an issue that caused the Export API to fail when no timezone had been set in the account.
  • WYN-3846 - Entries: Fixed and issue that prevented paging through the entries grid on certain newly-configured accounts.
  • WYN-3847 - Exports: Resolved an issue that prevented experience and winner exports from completing on certain newly configured accounts.

EFIX 2019-03-11

  • WYN-3818 - Forms: We now disallow the use of certain special characters in 'Remote Field Names' to prevent issues on the front-end.
  • WYN-3820 - Forms: Updated validation of dates in the past or future.

EFIX 2019-03-05

  • WYN-3794 - Collections: Resolved an issue that prevented the re-ordering of content in the content moderation grid.
  • WYN-3800 - Social Wall: Fixed an issue that displayed social content in a collection in an incorrect order.

EFIX 2019-03-01

  • WYN-3793 - Feeds: Improved emails notifications for IG feeds that have not collected content for 60 days.

EFIX 2019-02-28

  • WYN-3749 - Cloning: Resolved an issue when attempting to clone experiences and themes in the US environment.

EFIX 2019-02-21

  • WYN-3748 - Forms: Data (id) values on form fields are no longer restricted to English lettering, allowing other language character sets.
  • WYN-3601 - Rules: Fixed some display issues for the Rules overlay on iOS 12 based devices.

EFIX 2019-02-20

  • WYN-3429 - Promotions & Reveal: Introduction of overlay option as default to allow a click-through to a details page.
  • WYN-3730 / WYN-3735 - Form: Fixed a problem that would allow the same remote field name to be used across two form modules, resulting in a data merge in exports and integrations.

EFIX 2019-02-14

  • WYN-3187 - Pages: Resolved an issue that could result in the display of entries from the source experience on a clone via the Entries module.

EFIX 2019-02-11

  • WYN-3688 - Content: Increased the time-out for exports that involve very large content collections.

EFIX 2019-01-24

  • WYN-3589 - Assets:  Fixed an issue that prevented the uploading of image assets into a  form.

EFIX 2019-01-16

  • WYN-3569 - Channels: Changed the listing view of containers on a channel to not include archived containers (pinned ones will always be listed).
  • WYN-3567 - Phone Field:  Resolved an issue that the phone entry field would accept 5 or more text characters at the start.

EFIX 2019-01-11

  • WYN-3528 - Contest: Fixed the erroneous display of an "Edit form" button for Twitter, Instagram and Hashtag giveaways.

EFIX 2019-01-09

  • WYN-3530 - Contest: Resolved an issue that prevented the countdown settings from displaying when added to a contest when setup with the type 'Public vote then Jury'.