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How to: Add a New User & set their User Role

This article details:

  • How to add a new user
  • User roles & access levels
  • How to edit user information & delete users
  • Requesting a new / replacement password

What do to

To add a new user you must first be an Admin on your account (see the table below for User Roles & Access Levels)

  1. Click on your c settings icon in the top right
  2. From the drop down select Account Users
  3. Inside the manage user screen you will a + Add User on the left hand menu under Actions
  4. Once you have selected + Add User  you will be presented with a create user screen. It is here that you should add the users information, including their user role type and add any additional roles may those be required.
  5. Upon selecting Update the User will be created.
  6. Once the User has been created they will receive a platform activation email to the email address provided to complete the process.

User roles & access levels

Roles Overview

User Role Description
Admin The highest role in the hierarchy. It can only be created by another Admin within the account, or by Wayin through a written request. Can perform all actions, including handling personal data.
Publisher Can be created by an Admin or Wayin Support/CSM. Has the right to create, edit and publish/unpublish experiences, as well as create collections with feeds and moderate UGC.
Creator Can be created by Admin or Wayin Support/CSM. Has the right to create and edit campaigns and collections with feeds but won't be able to publish an experience.
Insights The most restrictive role that can be assigned by Admin or Wayin Support/CSM. It will allow users to view Insights and manage analytics.

Capability Overview

Additional Capability Description
Manage Account Library Allows user to create new and update existing forms and themes, as well as manage assets in the shared library.
Moderate UGC Allows user to view and moderate entries and social content as well as manage seeded content.
View personal data Allows user to view and moderate entries with personal data in the experience workspace.
Export personal data Allows user to export entries with personal data, review winners and export their data.
Manage Winners Allows user to generate winners, preview a list of winners, export winners and send export to others.
Edit Forms Allows users to edit forms or select a new form. By default this is disabled to all roles except the Admin, but can be enabled as required.

Role Capability Defaults

Admin has all additional roles available assigned by default, while Publisher will have only UGC Moderator role assigned. In the table below you can see which additional roles can be assigned to users by an admin:

Additional Capability Admin Publisher Creator Insights
Edit Forms optional optional optional
Manage Account Library optional optional optional
Moderate UGC  optional optional
View personal data optional optional optional
Export personal data optional optional optional
Manage Winners optional optional optional

Experience Scope

An Admin user can also define, whether a Publisher or Creator can have access to all experiences in the account, including the system apps and account templates. If you want to restrict access to system apps, under Experience Scope, select Templates Only.

Editing a user

As an Admin user, you will be able to edit and delete users from the Account Users section.

  1. Select the User
  2. Then select the c to Edit User
  3. Select any Additional Roles if relevant
  4. From here you can change the Name, Email, Role, Timezone, Locale and Profile icon.
  5. Once you have made the required change, click Save at the top.

Deleting a user

  1. Select the User
  2. Then select the c to Edit User.
  3. Click X Delete.

Requesting a New / Replacement Password

See this article here.