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How to: Set up a Personality Quiz (Category Quiz experience)

This article will cover the configuration of a Personality Quiz. In this experience type, you can ask a series of questions, with each answer having a weighting towards a particular category. This quiz calculates the user's category based on their answers and you can define a different message for each result on the Confirmation page.

What to do

First of all, navigate to the Experience Library, click on the Quizzes tab in the navigation and select a Personality Quiz or Product Picker App, which will open a brief overview of the campaign type. If you are happy with your selection, add the experience to your account if you are using it for the first time, or simply click on Create if you have previously built one.

The wizard will take you through the experience creation process:

  1. First of all, name your experience and click next.
  2. After that, choose a theme. You will be able to select one of the system themes (Card, Square, Flex or Scaffold) or one of your branded themes if your account has one configured. This determined the base styling of your campaign.
  3. In the next step, you will be able to add pages you think you may need, again these can  be added later as required, for most the default social page will be sufficient.
  4. At the end of the wizard, you will be presented with an overview of the campaign setup so far. If you’re happy, click Create to finalize your settings and create the campaign.

Setting up a Personality Quiz

  1. Open the Entry form and start by setting up your different categories within Results. You can edit, clone or remove any of the results and add more. 


  2. Click Edit on each result category, where you can add details to each of the different results which will be displayed on the Confirmation Page. The options here are TitleDescription, Image, URL and custom sharing of the result.

    It is important to include a Category Result Title for each result, this will be used to identify the category for an entry an experience campaign export.


  3. Once you have set up your categories, you can go back to the form and set-up your questions in the fields and their possible answer options. Each answer can be text-based, or image-based, simply click on the settings icon next to the answer option to edit it. You will need to assign a category to each possible answer.


Pro tip:  You can add as many quiz questions you would like, but we see the best results for category quizzes with 3 - 5 questions maximum.