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Understanding: Pages & Modules

This article offers a guide to the variety of options available on the Page Builder and helps you understand which module to use when.

Although you’re able to add/edit elements such as your campaign’s header, background, and footer in the Design & Structure section, the majority of your campaign build will take place in the Pages area when building your experience.

Clicking on Pages in the left side navigation panel will display existing pages in your campaign.

From Pages, you can do the following:

  • Update the name of the page by double-clicking on the name. This applies to all pages with the exception of the Rules page, to change this you must use labels.
  • Amend the user flow by re-ordering pages by using the arrow icon and dragging the page up or down.
  • Un-publish or publish pages by clicking on the cloud icon.

Page Builder Module Options

Click edit on the page you wish to work on and you’ll open up the page builder. You can change the layout by adding additional rows and dragging and dropping modules into these rows. 

Notable Module Overview

There are a large number of modules available on the platform, rather than cover a large number of modules that have a straight forward operation, we've decided to focus on those that have more powerful and notable ones.

$The Callout Module

Your new best friend! The callout module is a very flexible content display item, it will most likely be the one you use most regularly use due to its highly customizable nature.

Once you’ve dragged and dropped a callout module onto a row, clicking edit will produce the following editable options:

Under Copy

  • Heading, Byline & Description (all populated with stock copy)
  • Image: upload an image from your computer, or select from pre-uploaded assets.
  • Call to action: direct users to a different section of the campaign or external link. The copy on the call to action button can be edited as you wish. 
  • Background - add a background image to the module.

If you click on another module before clicking Update, the content will be lost. Ensure you are saving with the blue Update button.

Under Design

Clicking design from the top navbar in the module showcases the different layout options you can have for the module, enabling you to arrange a callout in a variety of ways.


A style specifies a set of fonts, colors, theme, etc.  The style options are Default, Feature, Hero/Spotlight. The advanced setting is a field on where you can add custom class name and display height on this module.

Under Sharing

Within Sharing there are 3 options available to you:

  1. No Sharing
  2. Campaign sharing - Add the pre-set messages you created in sharing for FB & Twitter.
  3. Use custom sharing - Add new share prompts with specific messages related to the content on the callout.

You can also decide how these share prompts appear, in the form of icons, buttons or native option, however, the latter will remove all pre-prepared captions. 

Under Settings

  • Choose how a CTA link opens up i.e. in the same frame, new frame or parent frame. 

1Image & 4Video Gallery Modules

Display a number of images or videos in a gallery, with a variety of different style options available. To increase the size of the gallery, simply select '+new image/video' and then upload/select a new image or add a YouTube URL. 

sSharing Module

Though you’re able to add various layers of copy to the module, the primary function is to host share prompts, either campaign sharing or custom sharing related to that specific module.

ZHTML Module

Should you wish to inject some HTML additions into your campaign’s page, simply post the relevant code into the following module to see the results applied.

,Classic Poll Results Module

Find out more about setting up classic polls here.

'Social Wall Module

When you wish to display UGC (User Generated Content) within your campaign, the social wall module is the one to use. Provided you set up a universal tag for the relevant collection the social wall module enables you to display a variety of content from varying social networks.

Social wall design options: Small Grid, Large Gird, Column Card (Pinterest style) and Masonry (the best option should you wish to display a variety of different sizes of content.)

6Form Module

The form module allows you to display a form created within the Entry area of your campaign. More on the form can be found here. Though you will make the majority of edits to the form within the form builder itself, this module here allows you to add further copy and customize the ‘submit button’.

@Entries Module

For Experiences such as Caption/Photo contests where participants are submitting content directly via a campaign form, the Entries module enables you to display these in a gallery. This allows users to vote on these once the voting phase has begun.

Within this module, you are able to set design and filtering options, amend copy and apply pagination.