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Understanding: Instant Win

What is an Instant Win experience?

Instant win experiences are a form of giveaway that allow entrants to win from a selection of defined rewards. You can easily control the number of rewards in total (and over time) along with the odds on wining.

The latest changes are available in the August 25th Release Notes update here.

Setting up a Reward

Once you have added a reward, you can click edit to configure what type of reward you wish to offer and the conditions that must be met in order to win.


  • Name sets the title of the reward (For administrative purposes, this is not displayed to the user).
  • Friendly ID can be used as a consistent identifier for your reward. It can be used for data integrations, rewards management, loyalty points allocation, and more.

Reward Types

  • Set the reward type as listed
    • Basic Coupon
      Display an image with a fixed coupon.
    • Coupon Code
      Allows you to set 'Coupon code' format for a random code that the platform will generate for you.
    • Upload Codes
      Allows you to upload a preset CSV file with a set coupon with one per line.
    • Link to Coupon
      Send the user to a URL where they will receive their coupon, you can also set link text for this URL.
    • Prizes
      Grant an offline prize, like a free t-shirt.

Assigning Rewards

Determine how many rewards will be available to distribute to users.

  • Setting a Maximum number of rewards will determine how many rewards will be available to distribute to users. Leaving the max rewards field blank will allow an unlimited number of rewards to be given to users. You can also set it to 0 (zero) to prevent any further rewards from being given to users.


There are a number of ways you can distribute rewards: classic odds-based distribution such as odds of 1 in 100; hourly or daily prize distribution where the first entrants after randomly chosen times will be granted prizes; and, finally, 'Everyone Wins' for those who weren't lucky enough to receive a prize using any of the other methods.

  • Hourly (with Prize Rollover)
  • Daily (with Prize Rollover)
  • Custom Time Window
  • Odds
  • Everyone Wins

Note: Once your experience is published, the distribution type will be locked and you will no longer be able to change it between odds, hourly, daily or everyone wins.

Prize Rollover

For Hourly and Daily prize rewards a prize rollover system is used. If no prize is given away in that specific timeframe, it will be automatically added to the prizes to be won in the next timeframe.

Quiz Score Range

This option allows you to set whether a user qualifies for a reward based on their quiz score result. This can be set to one of two options:

  • Score Range 
  • Exact Score


Metering allows you to set how many rewards of this type can be won on either a Daily or Weekly basis. This is designed to help with distribution when the Hourly or Daily option is not used. When either Hourly or Daily is used, this option is unavailable.


Valid from / Valid to is used to display a time range to the entrant for when the prize/coupon will be valid, this is purely for display purposes only and does not affect the availability of the prize.

Reward Content

Under the Content tab you will be able to change the look/style of your prize as well as assign a coupon code list.

  • The Heading is used to display the prize title.
  • The Byline is displayed under the heading in a smaller text format.
  • Typing in a Description will allow you to display any supporting information users will need to know about the prize.
  • Setting a CTA Link will add a button to allow users to visit a URL you set.
  • Adding a Thumbnail asset will display an image with your issued prize.

Coupon Code (Only)

  • Setting a Coupon code value will generated coupon code that is unique to each user, you can add special characters within your static coupon code. # will add a unique number, $ will add a random letter and @ will add a random combination of numbers and letters (Example: FREESHIRT###).

Uploaded Coes (Only)

  • The Offer codes upload box allows you to drop in (or browse) for a CSV/TXT file that contains one coupon code per line. Once uploaded, your codes will be added to the reward. You can later add more codes by returning to this screen and uploading additional files.

Link to Coupon (Only)

  • Adding a Coupon link text value will display text that a user can click on to receive the coupon.
  • Coupon link is used to set the URL location of the coupon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is a reward chosen on entry?

  • Each user can only win one of each reward (You will need multiple entries to be able to win more than one of the available rewards):
    1. Start with the least likely to win reward based on odds set.
    2. If the user wins, do not assign any more rewards.
    3. If the user does not win, go to the second most likely reward (continue this process through the all of the rewards).
    4. If no other reward has been given and there is an "everyone wins" reward, give the reward to that user.
    5. If there are more than one everyone wins award, randomly give the user one reward or another.

How do I display all the rewards a user has won over multiple entries?

Open Pages, you should see the Rewards module present, click Edit and change the option here to All rewards under Rewards Displayed. When a user enters they will see all the rewards they have won in this experience (if multiple entries are allowed, users cannot win the same prize twice).

Is it possible to show a 'Better luck next time' style message when they don't win a prize?

Yes! Open Pages, you should see the Rewards module present, click Edit, switch to the Copy tab. Under this location you'll see the option to set a No Reward Granted message and image.

Can I define a 'Congratulations' style message too?

You can! Open Pages, you should see the Rewards module present, click Edit, switch to the Copy tab. Under this location you'll see the option to set a Reward Granted message and image.

In addition you can also set a Well Done Notification. This email notification is sent to entrants that are lucky enough to win a prize / reward / coupon. To help personalize the email, you can use our new tokens to add entrant details as well as describe the reward they received.

This is accessible in the Advanced > Customize > Entry Notifications area.

Is there a way to notify users that we have invalidated an entry (and prize)?

Yes, we have an entry notification called Entry Invalidated Notification. This notification email is sent to entrants that you invalidate from the Entries grid. This lets a user know that their entry didn’t meet the terms and conditions prior to prize fulfilment.

Why is my experience not issuing rewards to users?

This could be because you have removed the Email field from your form, this is required to uniquely identify each user (This also means that the Email field must also be set to required, to ensure everyone submits an email entry). Without an Email field, every entry is considering anonymous which in turn means the platform will not be able to track and issue rewards correctly.

What system is used to qualify a user as a winner?

A random integer (generated using a pseudo-random number generator system) is picked between 0 and 1. This is a double number, with high precision. If the number picked is below the odds threshold for the prize in question then it results in the prize being granted. For example, in the case of having the odds set to 100:1, a number generated less than 0.01 would qualify the entrant to be a winner.

Understanding Odds - An example:

For example, if you have 3 rewards:

  • TV, with odds of 1 in 10,000
  • Mobile phone 1 in 1,000
  • £5 credit 1 in 100

When the user enters the Instant Win experience, we check against each award in turn, starting with the award with the longest odds (in this case, the TV) to mobile phone, then £5 credit.

For each award, we generate a random number between 0 and 1, and assess this against the odds.

So, in the above example:

  • If the generated number is 0.0001 or less (i.e. 1 in 10,000 entries), the user wins the TV.
  • If the user has not won the TV, the Instant Win logic will generate a new random number and move to the next prize, in this case, the mobile phone. Again, if the user’s generated number is 0.001 or less (i.e. 1 in 1,000 entries), the user wins the mobile phone.
  • Lastly, if the user has not won neither the TV nor the mobile phone, the Instant Win logic will generate a new random number and move to the next prize, in this case, the £5 credit. If the user’s generated number is 0.01 or less (i.e. 1 on 100 entries), the user wins the £5 credit. If the generated number is greater then 0.01, the user does not win any prize at all.